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 How to Fix Disney+ Error Code 73 Problem

Disney plus

If you’re trying to play a movie or on Disney+ a play a boxset and you’re seeing the Disney+ error code 73 on your screen, then you’ll first need to check your connection. There are different reasons why this error might appear, but the most common cause of them all is a connection to a virtual private network (VPN) that Disney+ is preventing.

Disney+ is not the only one doing this, as all major streaming service also actively try to block the VPN connections just to prevent you from streaming content that isn’t accessible in your region. The VPNs aren’t the reason for this, however, so if you see a Disney+ error code 73 error that you can not troubleshoot, here’s what you’ll have to do to get it fixed.

What Is Disney+ Error Code 73 and What Causes It?

Disney+ is a service that is only available in a limited number of locations. If it believes you’re attempting to connect from an area that it doesn’t have its support, it’ll block that connection from streaming its content with an “error code 73” message or a placeholder message informing you that Disney+ isn’t available in your area.

The most common cause of this problem is a connection to a virtual private network(VPN). A VPN connection to a server in an area outside of the supported locations of Disney+ will usually cause this error. You can also expect most mainstream VPN services to also trip a Disney+ error code 73 message, as the service actively blocks these VPNs.

The main reason for this message is to stop users from viewing Disney+ content from an area that it doesn’t support. However, you may find that Disney+ doesn’t work for other reasons. For instance, if you’ve disabled location services on your device, Disney+ may stop working.

It could also be an issue caused by your internet service provider’s allocated IP address syste. If you’re a subscriber of Disney+ and you’ve searched for content using the search engine like the Google, you may also have discovered (and tried to stream) a title that just isn’t available and can not be discovered.

Whatever the cause may be, you should be able to rectify the issue by adhering these next steps.

1. First Disconnect and Disable Your VPN Connection

As we’ve mentioned, the biggest reason for a Disney+ error code 73 message is a connection to an unsupported virtual private network. A game of trick or smartness between the major streaming services and VPN providers means that a connection to a typical VPN server will usually just stop streams from working.

That isn’t only a Disney+ problem, either. Major services like Amazon, Netflix, Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and more all use geo restrictions to prevent content outside of each service’s supported region from being played. As VPNs now has made provision for a way around this problem, they’re usually blocked to prevent it.

If you’re using a VPN, it’s best for you to switch it off. Disconnecting and returning to your standard connection should resolve the issue, but you may also need to restart your device if there is a continuation of the error message appearing.

2. Check Disney+ Content Availability

If you search for the content of  Disney+ online, you may come discover a direct link to it, There’s no need to search through the service itself to find it. However, if you search for a content that isn’t available in your specific area, you may see the Disney+ error code 73 message appear.

Before the Disney launched Disney+, a lot of its most popular content was made available through the competitor services like that of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Until those contracts end, some content you might otherwise expect to see on Disney+ may be available elsewhere (or unavailable for streaming entirely).

In the first and foremost instance, try another streaming service like that of Netflix to view the content instead. If it isn’t available, you may have to wait until it launches on Disney+. Alternatively, you could buy or if possible rent it from an online store, such as Amazon.

3. Restart Your Modem and Network Router


If you’re connected to a virtual private network through your own network router to ensure all network traffic passes through it, you may just need to take additional steps to restore your standard connection.

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