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How To Fix A Discord RTC Connecting Error Problem

Discord now has quickly become the gold standard for building up gaming and hobbyist communities since it first launched in the year 2015. It has got a large number of useful features that make its users to stay in touch remotely with friends and strangers that are like-minded, with screen sharing and video or voice communication offered for free.

Unfortunately, some of the Discord users who attempt a voice call will see a message like “RTC connecting” error appearing that seems to prevent the call from connecting. A Discord “RTC connecting” error can be caused by different issues, but the good thing is that it can also be fixed. 

Here are the steps to follow in fixing this error on Discord.

1. What Is a Discord “RTC Connecting” Error and What Causes It?

RTC is an acronym for "Real Time Connection."If you notice “RTC connecting” on Discord, it usually means there’s an issue that is preventing the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol from creating a connection between the user and the Discord servers to allow the users voice chat to take place.

Other issues, like the common “no route” error, are related to the same issue, with Discord unable to establish a connection between its server and your computer. Without a good and stable connection from Discord to your PC, any attempt for an establishment of a connection for video or voice communication will fail.

While a Discord outage can sometimes be the issue, most users will find that a Discord “RTC connecting” error points to a local network problem. In the first instance, you restarting your PC is usually a good first step, as this will force your PC to undergo a reconnection to your local network.

Everything from the blocked network ports to a corrupt DNS cache could cause the Discord voice communication to fail, however. If you try restarting your PC and it still doesn’t work and you’re sure your internet connection is stable, you may need to try this step below to get your Discord voice communication working again. 

2. Check Discord’s Service Status

Before you check any other settings, you should first confirm that the problem is not on your end. Discord outages, while they are uncommon, do occur from time to time, preventing users from making use of the platform. It could be that it is thissmaller outage that prevents the voice and video communication, or it could be stopping you from connecting to the service altogether.

For you to check Discord’s service status and rule out outages, go straight to the Discord Status website. You should make sure that the API section is listed as Operational (shown as green). Partial outages will also appear as orange, while a full outage will then appear as red.

On the same page, scroll down and open the Voice category. This will open a list of server regions. Check if your region is listed as an Operational. If it isn’t, you may be able to switch to another region temporarily to bypass this using the steps outlined further below.

If the Discord is having issues, then step away for an hour or two. The problem should be resolved after an hour or two by the time you get back in most cases.

3. Disconnecting it From VPNs and Open Network Ports

If you’re making use of a virtual private network (VPN) on your PC, then it’s possible that this is blocking your connection to the Discord’s server, causing an “RTC connecting” error in the process. Similarly, if you’re making using of a network firewall (or Windows firewall), the closed ports may the issue that is preventing Discord from working properly.

Discord uses a random UDP port that is between 50,000 and 65,535 to establish the voice communications. However, your Mac or PC will typically allow access to this random port automatically. This is one of the advantages of WebRTC protocol. If it doesn’t, you may need to do a configure of your router to allow it instead. 

While it is not recommended to simply open a huge port range like this, you may also be able to use the port forwarding on your router for directing this traffic to a single port or port range, which you can monitor (and limit) the incoming traffic just to the Discord only. 

If you’re using a VPN and you notice that the traffic is blocked, however, you may first need to disconnect and use Discord without it. Alternatively, you could also whitelist certain ports if the service gives you permission to do so, but you’ll need to consult your VPN service first to confirm that this is possible. 

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