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 How To Draw More Attention To Your App In The Apple App Store

A Quick Introduction of App Store

The App Store is a digital distribution platform, founded by Apple Inc., developed for mobile apps users on its iOS & iPadOS operating systems. 

App store allows you to browse, download and install apps developed and maintained with Apple's iOS Software Development Kit. 

App Store Initial release date was in July 10, 2008. OS compatibility includes iOS, iPadOS. 

It can be easy for mobile product managers to get caught up in delivering the latest features to help increase app downloads and engagement. Often, most companies overlook the App Store optimization, which can be used to instantly grow a company's mobile user base without any engineering effort or cost.

Although we won't discuss every nuance of App Store optimization in this article, You will see easy tips for optimizing App Store on iOS that any product manager can use during their mobile launch process to increase downloads and engagement with their application.

Title And Subtitle

Many apps make the mistake of wasting both title and subtitle space in the App Store. Typically, an application will bear the company name as a title (e.g., "Nike"), when it could use the full length of the title characters for multiple keywords (for instance, "Nike - premium sneakers"). These additional words will help increase the chances that a new user will see your app when searching in the App Store. Many applications even leave the subtitle field blank; this is a big error. Subtitles can be used to capitalize on more keywords about your app theme/value to help again boost the likelihood of your app appears to users when searching for different key phrases and words in the App Store.

As the world situation or value of the app changes, it may help update the app title for better ranking. An excellent example of this is Peleton. The app recently edited its title to "Peloton - home fitness." This was an instant response to the quarantine environment caused by the Covid-19. Peloton immediately changed the app keyword title and started targeting this new group of users, allowing ranking for these new relevant searches. Currently, It is featured by the App Store with the exact phrase of the keyword.

App Store Pictures

Image Source: PinInsterest

If you have constantly updated screenshots, you can help convert visitors who reach your App Store screen but aren't sure if they will download. Updated images can also highlight new features and trends of the application. After all, what's the point of delivering an updated design or navigation if a potential customer can't see the new design, assuming they're still looking at old screenshots in the app store? These images can also be updated to remain relevant to the customer as the business environment changes throughout the year.

Get Featured On The App Store

There are several ways to be featured in the App Store. However, the least known approach is to submit! Many people don't even know that Apple offers a form that you can fill out to be submitted for review. When approved, your app can be featured prominently in the App Store, directly boosting your app's number of downloads. The form can be submitted when a new app is launched, or a major update/feature change is executed.

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