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How To Discover The Most Viewed Videos On YouTube

YouTube Views

If you have noticed that the amount of content on YouTube can keep you busy for hours. That’s not to say that all content on the YouTube are worth watching. Even among the videos that are most popular on YouTube there are some of them that will feel like a waste of time.

However, if you’re thinking to start your own YouTube channel, you might want to check the competition on YouTube first. Learn how to look for the most viewed videos on YouTube by channel, using special YouTube charts or using keywords.

How To Get The Most Viewed Videos On YouTube By Category

Either you’re searching for the most popular videos that are on YouTube for the sake of entertainment only or as a part of your research, the easiest way to see them is to run a search by category or using keywords. To find the most viewed videos on YouTube by category, just follow the steps below.

1. First decide on the topic ( a keyword or category) of the videos. Whether it’s a tech help or a relationship advice you’re searching for, decide on your keywords first and then type them into the search bar on YouTube. Then select the Search button.

You’ll see the videos that are listed automatically sorted by Relevance. That means that YouTube will sort the search results according to your viewing preferences, and not according to the video’s view count.

2. To change this, select Filter to open search filters. 

3. Under Sort by, select View count. 

Now the videos that are on top of the list are the most viewed videos on YouTube in your chosen category.

How To Make Search For The Most Viewed Videos By Channel

If you’re using a lot of time on YouTube, you probably have one or two of your favourite channels, like those channels that you think or you feel everyone should subscribe to. YouTube allows you to see any channel’s most viewed videos using Filters also. To search for the most viewed videos by channel, follow the steps below.

1. Open YouTube and find the channel that you want to see the most popular videos. 

2. Select Videos from the channel’s menu. You’ll see the list of the videos sorted by Upload Date.

3. To change that, in the upper-right corner of the screen, select Sort by > Most popular. 

4. The videos that you see in the beginning of the list are the most viewed videos on the channel. 

How You Can Find The Most Viewed Videos Of All Time On YouTube 

What if you just want to keep an eye or just glance through the most viewed YouTube content without sorting it by any category or channel? You can do this by checking out the pages that have specialty on YouTube trends. If you also want to be kept informed about the new viral video trends, we recommend that you bookmark these pages for future use.

Statista & Wikipedia

If you want to see the most viewed videos on YouTube all-time, its very unfortunately, that there isn’t any way to do this on YouTube itself. To see this type of data, you need to take a good look at  sites that track YouTube views like the Statista or Wikipedia. You’ll get a list of the videos with the most views ever on YouTube, updated often, but it won't be in real time:

How To See Your Most Viewed Videos 

For those users who are already having their own channel on YouTube and their own YouTube studio, learning about what the most viewed videos on their own channel and how it 0is essential for future growth. To see your own most viewed videos on YouTube, just follow the steps below.

1. Open your YouTube channel.

2. In the channel menu, select Analytics > Top Videos > See More. 

You’ll then see the list of your videos that you uploaded on YouTube with the most viewed ones sitting at the top of the list. You can also find other useful information in the Analytics section, such as the average view duration, the number of views, and total watch time in minutes. 

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