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 How To Create A Strategy To Retain And Satisfy Existing Clients

In today's economy, it seems that all efforts are focused on gaining new customers, and someone feels compelled to follow suit. However, this could not be more wrong. While branding and marketing are used to attract new customers, you should work just as hard to keep existing ones, and using data is the right way to follow.

You may be wondering why it is vital to keep your loyal customers when there are always many subscribers we strive for. As usual, the answer is profit. First, retaining an existing customer costs up to 5 times less than trying to get a new one. It is also much easier to sell a new product to someone who trusts you. 

Techniques To Keep Existing Customers Happy

Now let's see what techniques you can use to keep existing customers happy, satisfied, and always desiring more.

Data Analysis Strategy

You can't expect any positive results if your methods come down to quick last-minute adjustments. As usual, you need to make a solid plan on how to incorporate data and analysis. Think about how you can use the data you have already obtained and be ready to make some changes based on the results. In short, this is what your plan should look like:

  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the correct mode (automatic, repeatable, and scalable).

  • Identify the main challenges to solve. Decide on urgency and give priority.

  • Classify system issues and data, so you know how to approach them.

  • Don't be too comfortable - re-evaluate your program every 3 months.

  • Educate and train your employees.

Of course, you will need the right workforce to review the data and develop strategies to solve the problems. Therefore, hiring new executives could come as a solution, but don't abandon your existing teams. They should be given adequate training to understand the importance of data solutions and how to utilize them if the organization is to thrive.

Quality Leads Evaluation

If you want to attract more high-quality leads, focus on satisfying existing ones. Analyze their main features and do everything you can to attract these customers in the future and they will bring more new clients for you.

You can find out attributes like a customer's age, job, annual expenses, or industry with a little data analysis to know which offers to present to them per time. Potential customers who share the same properties as your most loyal are most likely to "join the crowd."

Machine Learning

You must have already noticed how overwhelming information about your customers is. Of course, it is difficult for employees to juggle all tasks and find out why customers are leaving or why they stay with you in this regard. Fortunately, this is where machine learning comes to your aid.

If your staff are not the most skilled at machine learning, you can hire an expert outside your company to analyze the data and recommend practical solutions.

The Right Software

Renowned subscription software has many advantages for recurring billing platforms. 

1. First, you can personalize all communications. 

2. Secondly, it is much simpler to keep track of subscribers and their activities, and this data can be used later for analysis. 

3. The third is safety. Because you are dealing with a lot of sensitive data, any leak could be catastrophic for your reputation, so keep this in mind when choosing your subscription management software.

Text Analytics Matters

Do not ignore one of the most rudimentary strategies, namely reading free-text answers to open-ended questions.

Nowadays, this is processed with text analysis options. Using the right tool for sentimental analysis, you will be able to identify problems without too much effort. Of course, for this data to be valuable, you need to execute it in business decision making.

Periodical Offers

Periodical offer(s) is a fantastic way to keep customers happy. You have to continuously offer incentives, discounts, coupons and free give aways, this will ensure their happiness, and keep them glued for more and even refer new clients. 

Feedback and Support System

Building a management structure that allows for feedback and complains, thereby using these complains to improve customer services and support is always a game changer in keeping existing customers and clients satisfied. 


If you haven't already done so, you should make minimizing customer churn a must. Data analysis can also be beneficial. There is no denying that modern businesses are surrounded by incredible amounts of data coming from all over. But remember that you can always use the data and use it for your own benefit. Make sure you choose the right resources and strategies.

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