How to Allow Applications Through Windows Firewall


 How To Allow Applications Through Windows Firewall

Perhaps, you don’t think too much about the Windows Firewall in Windows 10. It is enabled by default, and unless you have a problem with it, it runs smoothly in the background without your input.

However, sometimes you will need to allow a program via the firewall. Here’s how to enable a program in Windows 10 through the firewall and modify the applications that are currently allowed.

How To Open Windows Firewall Management 

First, you should go through the overview of the Windows Firewall. To do this, launch the Windows Security application by searching in the Start menu. To open this panel, select Firewall & network protection from the main menu, and you will see the firewall status.

This is split into three networks:

  • Domain network: takes effect when your computer is connected to a domain, as in an enterprise setting.
  • Private network: covers all trusted networks, such as your home.
  • Public network: an open network that you don’t trust all other devices, such as a coffee shop.

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You will see Active after the current network type, which you will need to acknowledge when permitting a program through the firewall. To do this, click Allow an application through the firewall.

Editing the Applications Allowed Through Windows Firewall

When you click that link, you will launch the Windows Defender Firewall panel in the Control Panel (older interface). It will open the Allowed Applications page, where you can access and edit which programs are permitted through the firewall.

Click Change Settings to allow access to editing. You will need to provide administrator permission to do this if you are not already logged in to an admin account.

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Once you have granted permission, you can use the checkboxes to select which programs are allowed via the firewall in public and private networks. There is no option to allow a program on domain networks; in this case, the domain admin will have policies configured for you.

Tick the box for all the programs you wish to grant access to the internet. Uncheck the box for a program if you do not want it to access the Internet. Keep something enabled on networks(private) but turned off on public networks.

If you’re not sure of an option, click Details to see its location.

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Unchecking will disable access to the internet while allowing you to recheck the box if you change your mind later. If you are sure that you do not want an item to access the Internet, click on its name and tap Remove to remove it from the list permanently. You cannot do this for most embedded applications.

Allowing New Programs Through Windows Firewall

Most programs that have requested internet access will appear on the list mentioned above. But if an item doesn’t appear there, you can enable the program through Windows Firewall on your own.

To do this, Tap Allow another application at the bottom of the Allowed applications page. In the dialog box, click Browse and locate the executable file (.exe) that you want to permit through the firewall.

Take Control of Windows Firewall

That’s what is required to allow a program through the Windows Firewall. Although the utility has deeper options, this is the most convenient way to change what goes on.

To do the opposite, make sure you know how to restrict programs from being connected to the internet on Windows and Mac. 

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