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 How To Increase RAM with a MicroSD Card On Your Android Device

Most averagely, your Android gadget came with 16 GB of storage, but the RAM really affects what you can do with it. Most state-of-the-art Android devices come with RAM of 2 GB or more, but some cheaper devices may have the only RAM of 1 GB or 512 MB in some cases.

Unlike a PC, however, you cannot increase RAM. Or can you?

Why Do You Need More RAM?

The essence of an extra RAM cannot be overemphasized. While more storage gives you space for more photos, more MP3s, or more videos, the extra RAM helps the processor run faster, helping in these files' playback.

There are several tricks to increase the usable RAM on your Android device by "cleaning." Assuming you've tried them before, let’s look at how you can physically increase the available RAM.

Swapping RAM on Rooted Android Devices

If you have a rooted Android device, you can upgrade the available RAM with the ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP).

Slightly Expensive, but if your device is rooted and interested in this app, you can check for compatibility with this swapfile checking app. Install and then run the application to see if ROEHSOFT RAM Expander can give you the desired results.

Image Credit: makeuseof.com

Tap “Start RAM EXPANDER Test Here” to obtain the results, then choose the SD card you are testing and click for the result. With the message "Congratulations" displayed, you are free to continue and install the RAM Expander application.

Install the RAM Expander

After the displayed message, purchase and install ROEHSOFT's RAM Expander. After execution and with the root permissions applied, select language.

You will see a screen with an adjustable slider according to how much RAM you want to allocate to the SWAP partition.

Suppose you are not sure of your options; just select Optimal Value. Before you continue, make sure Autorun is turned on, and when you are satisfied, tap Swap Activ.

With the created RAM partition on the SD card, Your Android should now run with enhanced performance. Try playing your favorite games, or try opening a series of apps at once.

What Else Can Your SD Card Do For You?

MicroSD cards don't just work only to increase RAM. Whether your device is rooted or unrooted, you can use the microSD card to upgrade your storage capacity - which means you can download more music, more apps, and so on.

On any device with no space left, the first approach should be to insert a microSD card if your device has a slot.

However, don't buy an old microSD card - spend a little more on more sturdy storage, which will lead to better reliability. (Poor quality SD cards bring more disadvantages to your device). Check the rating when buying a new microSD card - Class 4 minimum is advisable, but Class 10 is perfect. Ensure you are on the lookout for fake microSD cards.

You can use this storage space to install games and applications and move apps and games to increase storage space on your primary storage. Users operating Android Lollipop can do this natively by going to Settings> Apps and using the Move to SD card option in apps where this feature is available.

Of course, all this increases the storage space available on your Android device, just like having a new HDD on your computer. But the SD card can serve as a secondary RAM with the right tool.

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