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How Application Launcher for Google Drive Works

Google Drive

Every software upgrade and update gets you closer to the ultimate goal – being able to quickly achieve every task from the same window or app on your device. That would save you a whole lot of time and also effort, since you are not going to switch to different tabs and apps and you can focus on your work instead. 

Only few users know that it’s already possible to do all this with the Application Launcher for Google Drive. Here’s how to download the Launcher extension for Chrome Application and start enjoying it to carry out all of your tasks without  having to leave Google Drive. 

What’s an Application Launcher for Drive?

There are many hidden features in Google Drive that can turn you into an advanced user and save you much time when completing tasks. You can take it even further just by installing an Application Launcher extension for Google Chrome. 

The Application Launcher is a add-on browser that allows you to open files from your Google Drive by making use of any software on your computer. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a photo that you want to edit in Photoshop or an Excel sheet  – as long as the software is very compatible with Google Drive, the Application Launcher add-on will give you permission to open it.

If you don’t have the app needed installed on your device, the Application Launcher will give you suggestions so you could download the right download app. All of this occurs inside the same Google Drive window. 

The only disadvantage it has is that the add-on is only available for Google Chrome and not for any other browser. 

How Application Launcher for Drive can be installed

Before any commencement to make use of all of the local application given from Google Drive, you'll need to install the Application Launcher extension in your browser. To do this, just follow the steps we have below.

1. Firstly, Open a new tab in Google Chrome. 

2. Find the Bookmarks menu on the top of your window and select Apps.

3. Select Web Store to open the Google Chrome Store.

4. Use the Search tab to find the Application Launcher for Drive add-on.

5. Select Add to Chrome to install the extension.

6. After you enable the extension in Chrome, you can start using it to open files from Google Drive. 

How to Make Use of the Application Launcher for Google Drive

Using Application Launcher for Drive is very easy. All you have to do is to open your Google Drive, then you locate the file you’d like to open, right-click on it and then you select Open with. You’ll see a numerous apps and Chrome extensions that you can use to open this particular file. 

If you want to use an app that’s already installed on your computer to open the file, 

1. Select Open with > Apps on your computer. If you already have Backup and Sync installed, you’ll come across a list of apps from your device that you can use to open your file. 

2. If you don’t have it yet, you’ll get the New ways to work on the files that you have saved in the Drive message instead. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use the Application Launcher for Drive after you have installed your Sync and Google Backup on your device. 

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