Best Windows Hosting Services of 2021

Best Windows Hosting

It is important to choose the right hosting package if you are serious about online presence and longevity, here we have a list of the best 6 hosting services including there features and benefits to help you make the best choice for your organization. 


1. 1&1 IONOS 

2. GoDaddy

3. Hostwinds

4. HostGator

5. Liquid Web

6. A2 Hosting

Most web hosting packages run on the Linux servers, and it’s easy to see why this occurs: the operating system is reliable, fast, secure and free, having an impressive software ecosystem that have some of the best web applications.

For all of these benefits, Linux won’t be the right setup for everyone. If your site is based on Microsoft technologies as the likes of ASP.NET or .NET, or you’re intending to run Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server or some other Microsoft stack product, you’ll have to select a Windows plan.

You opting for Windows hosting does not restrict you to the Microsoft products. Most plans have offers for easy one-click installation of popular apps like that of PrestaShop, phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.

1. 1&1 IONOS


+ High value plans for the Windows hosting newbie

+ Feature-packed plans

+ Low prices

+ Uses Windows Server 2019

Windows hosting has a reputation for being costly, but the shared Windows range from 1&1 IONOS shows that it does not have to be that way.

The specific Windows features include five Microsoft SQL databases of up to 1GB each, ASP.NET 4.7, ASP.NET Ajax and MVC 3, 4 and 5. There’s also support for SQL import, SSI and dedicated app, and your plan will be running on the Windows Server 2019 (many hosts are still making use of Server 2012).

Factor in the one-month trial and 1&1 IONOS could be a sensible choice for peole that are novice and are looking to try out Windows hosting with the minimum of risk.

2. GoDaddy


+ Competitively priced

+ Good customer support

+ Office 365 Outlook mailbox thrown in

+ Some limits on lower-tier plans

GoDaddy is outstanding among web hosts because while offering both the standard Linux hosting and Windows too, if you choose to go the Windows route, there’s no extra cost attached. So that is clearly an impressive benefit to begin with (as for a normal, providers will charge more for this benefits).

There’s also an unlimited bandwidth, a free domain (with annual subscription), and you get a year’s worth of usage of Office 365 Outlook mailbox thrown all for you. 

Finally, this Ultimate plan gives you an unlimited databases on top of everything, as well as an SSL certificate and GoDaddy’s Premium DNS service.

3. Hostwinds


+ Supports Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016

+ Excellent tech support

+ Good value

While there are numerous of low-cost shared Windows hosting packages around, all might not be the best choice for everyone. Many users that need a Windows website will also require more functionality and speed than the average customer, and budget hosting may not be too good enough.

Hostwinds’ Windows VPS hosting offers no less than  only 10 plan configurations, making it much simple to find and purchase the exact level of service you need.

The baseline specification is very impressive. Every plan available offers free site migrations, SSD storage, and also 1Gbps network connectivity (100Mbps is popular with other providers). You also get the opportunity to use Windows Server 2008, 2012 or 2016, along with fast time response for any support issues.

4. HostGator


+ Few limits or restrictions

+ Tempting prices

+ Shared plans have outdated software

Many of the web hosts provide some level of Windows support, but it’s most times limited to a specific set of products, such as dedicated servers. It could become an issue if you now decide you will want to downgrade or upgrade your hosting at a later time, so it makes more sense to look for hosts that can offer more flexibility.

There is a potential downside in HostGator’s relatively dated software: Windows Server 2008 R2, IIS 7.5,  Access Databases 2007, 2010, ASP.NET up to 4.5, MSSQL Server 2008 R2 Web Edition, PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.2.17. This won’t concern everyone, but you need to check your technical Windows requirements before you sign up.

HostGator’s dedicated plans are little more up-to-date, though it is still lagging behind some of the competition, with Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8.5, SQL Server 2014 Express, and ASP.NET from 2.0 up to 4.6. 

5. Liquid Web


+ Powerful products

+ Highly configurable

+ Professional and reliable support

Liquid Web is a very popular provider that has high-end professional web hosting services, and its current range includes some capable Windows products.

The company’s Cloud VPS range hosts your web space across different devices to improve the scalability and performance, delivering what Liquid Web claims is the “fastest managed VPS hosting on the planet”. 

Liquid Web may bd charging a Windows license fee, but you’ll only pay once per Cloud Server. This allows you to create as many Windows-based VPS instances as you want, at no extra cost.

Interestingly, if you have to remove all Windows instances the license fee will no longer be charged, it is a handy money-saver for users who only need Windows support occasionally.

6. A2 Hosting


+ Speed-boosting CDN and Anycast DNS

+ Decent prices

+ PHP 7.x

NOTE: A2’s Windows Hosting is receiving an overhaul at this moment so it’s not available, and should be available soon again.

A2 Hosting is a very capable provider with a huge range of plans covering all things from basic shared products, email hosting and managed WordPress, to reseller plans,  dedicated servers and cloud VPS.

Your site will be hosted on the Windows Server 2012, although you can still select Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2016 debuted many new features – Containers, Nano Server,  REFS, Linux Secure Boot support – but you won’t be able to make use of these capabilities on a shared hosting plan.

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