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Best Call Recorder Software of 2021

Call Recorder Software

The best call recorder software makes things simple and easy to not just record calls on your smartphone, but also to manage and store them. Record your conversations for posterity

3 Best Call Recorder Software

1. ACR Call Recorder

2. Cube Call Recorder

3. Blackbox Call Recorder

Call recording can be a useful and even can also be essential for keeping records of your communications, recording an interview, or just keeping logs of your phone calls for admin purposes.

While the basic premise of a call recorder is simple, many of these the app recoders differ when it comes to terms of use, playback, and more. In addition, you will need to decide whether you’re willing to pay for a call recorder or whether you want a free software with potentially fewer features. 

Keep in mind that the laws guiding call recording vary between states and countries. If you’re planning to record a call, it’s always good for you to enquire from the person you’re talking to first. 

With that, let’s take a close look at the best call recorder software options you can start using today.

1. ACR Call Recorder

A simple and free app for Android users


+ Automatic call recording toggle

+ Intuitive app interface

+ Search recordings by contact

+ Auto-delete old recordings

+ Manual recording requires upgrade

+ Doesn’t automatically back up recordings

+ Doesn’t record VoIP calls

For people making use of Android, there are few free options better that is than the ACR Call Recorder. This simple app features an on/off toggle switch that will enable you to automatically record every call that takes place on your phone. 

One of the best things about this app is that it’s intuitive. You can search for recordings simply by name contact and you can easily share recordings right from the app. It also comes with an auto-delete option so you can erase any unwanted conversation and that your phone’s storage doesn’t fill up with old recordings. 

2. Cube Call Recorder

Supports recording for VoIP calls on Android phones


+ Supports multiple apps

+ Record by contact

+ Start recording mid-call

+ Supports automatic backups

+ Security costs extra

+ Free version includes ads

+ Only backs up to Google Drive

So Many call recording apps only start working if your call takes place through your phone’s built-in dialing app, not if you use a voice over IP (VoIP) app. But this Cube Call Recorder is capable of recording your calls through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, and even more on Android devices. 

The premium version of this app adds automatic backup, file security, and automatic deletion. For backup, your recordings will be synced to Google Drive as soon as your call is ended.

3. Blackbox Call Recorder

An app designed for professionals


+ Reliable recording software

+ Customizable file organization

+ On-screen widget for manual recording

+ Security using password or pin

+ Requires monthly subscription

+ Doesn’t support VoIP recording

+ No automatic backups to cloud

Blackbox Call Recorder bills as reliable recorder software is majorly made for professionals. It requires a little monthly subscription, but, it comes with a number of advanced features together in one place that you won’t find anywhere else. 

For example, you can lock the Blackbox app to prevent unauthorized access with a pin or a password. You can also do a set up of your own file directory to better organize your files, and sort recordings by duration, date or time. The app also gives you an on-screen widget that you can use to start or stop recording calls just manually. 

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