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 How to Strategically Use Facebook to Market Effectively

Creating, operating, and optimizing your company's website is a daunting task. From presenting it in an easy-to-use way to publishing content that attracts and converts, you have to consider many factors.

A social giant with almost 3 billion daily active users, Facebook is incredibly effective - if you use it correctly. Content Marketing Institute discovers that 84 percent of digital marketers use Facebook to post content and promote their business, but only 30 percent is effective.

If you want a good Facebook marketing strategy, boost engagement, and improve your efficiency, below are some tips to keep in mind:

Humanize your business

Unlike more business-oriented social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook allows you to humanize your brand. Hence, you can take advantage of it; you can introduce your company as multidimensional by posting employee-focused pictures and other content.

Capture photos during breaks, team building events, company retreats, happy hours, and more, and post them to paint a perfect picture of your team and promote employee online engagement. This will allow your audience to connect with you personally and strengthen your interactions with them.

Shareworthy content

Like most Facebook marketing initiatives, your content should be more of quality than quantity. Please don’t panic about posting a certain number of times, and think more about the variety of content your audience would like to digest and share on their platforms.

In addition to the written content you've organized from your own blog and external websites, consider posting infographics, relevant GIFs, and images to your audience. Visual content is massively shareable, which means you are likely to engage your audience more and expand your coverage.

Integrate video whenever necessary

Videos dominate the internet: online video platforms from YouTube to Hulu and Netflix are about to replace traditional television, and Facebook is not a stranger to this dominance.

Facebook continues to provide brands more avenues to engage the audience directly through video content. Study some great video marketing examples on Facebook to inspire your next campaign.

Invite your potential audience to join on time

Bear in mind that your online presence's primary goal is to build an audience and attract customers ultimately. To do this, never spam your audience with requests to subscribe to your e-mail channel, consultations, free trials, etc. This type of non-discriminatory sale will cause the public to abandon the pursuit of your brand.

Focus on audience engagement

The Facebook newsfeed takes into account many factors to determine these stories: the nature of the content, who posted, time of posting, level of interactions, and so on. To increase your reach without relying solely on paid ads, consider how engaging your content affects your chances of showing in news feeds.

Personal content may take precedence over business content, but you can find opportunities when personal connections engage with business content. The chances of your followers' connections seeing your content in their news feed increases when the content is relevant to them and your existing followers comment on, react to, and share the content.

Key Takeaway

If there is a “constant” related to social media, it is that it always changes. Keep measuring and optimizing your efforts, and remember that merely being present is not enough to record the number of followers or potential customers. To enhance your social media marketing efficiency, don't forget these practices.

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