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Microsoft Excel is getting an entire load of latest updates and upgrades

Microsoft Excel Updates

Excel for online is undergoing a number of upgrades

Microsoft Excel

A whole host of improvements and new features are coming to Microsoft Excel for the online, consistent with a corporation blog post. The many performance improvements involves opening workbooks, scrolling, and cell formatting.

“We bring to you this unique features with a goal that cannot be compromised to help us in supplying our customers with the smooth, perfect and fast, user experience, we are very excited to announce the newest and latest important significant performance to improve the online Excel performance ,” Danielle Rifinski, the product manager at Microsoft, explained. “We have improved and addressed several scenarios, including opening workbooks, navigating within a workbook, and other interactions.”

The upgrades are a part of an ongoing commitment Microsoft has got to improve the user experience for Excel for the online. The technology giant(Microsoft) advises individuals to go to UserVoice so as to give their views and  suggestions for improvements or new features, or send feedback to the company’s developers using the relevant Office app.

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Online Upgrades

Among the new Excel for web features that Microsoft would really like feedback on are improvements to loading times, scrolling, and cell selection. The firm has looked deeply into the situation and has significantly reduced the time it takes to load a workbook, made scrolling quicker and smoother, and optimized the speed of selection. Altogether, the new features should enable Excel users to figure more efficiently and hopefully, be more productive.

Other upgrades concern navigation and data modification within the Excel web app. The company of Microsoft has optimized navigation actions, including developed faster cell editing and formatting options, page-up, find/search, and , go-to, and page-down.

With the knowledge that more employees are recently working/performing from their home as a result of the on going situation in the world especially the case of COVID-19 pandemic, web-based applications generally have seen an increase in usage. Having this in mind, Microsoft has stepped up their performance and the performance improvements recently announced by the Microsoft for its Excel web app will definitely be welcomed.

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