How To Use Homepod’s Intercom Feature

One among the biggest new features that HomePod brought this year is Intercom support. And the handy feature is now much available to more people than ever with the mini HomePod invoke and lots of people are being gifted with one during the vacations. You can follow along for a way to line up and use the HomePod Intercom feature on the smart speakers and your other Apple devices.

HomePod’s Intercom feature is active with more than just HomePod mini and HomePod. Its handy functionality still extends to the iPhone, the iPad, and Apple Watch ( the apple watch works with CarPlay too) you just need to make sure you’re running iOS 14.2 or afterward all of your devices and watchOS 7.2 or afterward Apple Watch.

Set up and customize HomePod Intercom settings

You should see a splash screen introducing you to Intercom after fixing a HomePod or HomePod mini within the Home app with iOS 14.2 or later but if you need to head back manually

From the Head to the Home app > Tap the house (located at the top left) > Swipe down and tap the Home Settings button

You can choose when to receive Intercom notifications, who can send and receive Intercom messages, and which HomePods you’ll use the feature with.

Don’t forget you’ll got to check if your HomePod is running iOS 14.2 too

From the Head to the Home app > choose a HomePod > tap the Settings gear icon in the bottom right corner > look for the software updates at the top (it may take a little time to show up)

How to use HomePod Intercom across your devices

Send an Intercom message With Siri

On any compatible devices you have, you can make use of “Intercom” as a verb. For example you’ll use a command like “Hey Siri, intercom popcorn is hot, it’s movie time!” You can make use of verbs like “tell everyone,” “ announce ,” and “ask everyone”

If you want to send Intercom announcements to some certain speakers, you can use a command like “Hey Siri, tell the kitchen I’m leaving for the Cinnabon festival” (insert any room where there’s a HomePod)

You can also do that by zone like “upstairs”

Send and Intercom message with the Home app

On iPhone and iPad head to the house app and tap the audio wavelength icon within the top right corner

You will Speak your message, then tap the orange “Done” button

In the Home app on Apple Watch, you’ll see “Intercom” because the top option

How to turn off intercom

If you not want to use the Intercom feature, you’ll switch it off using the house app. Once again, use the house icon within the top left-hand corner and choose Home Settings followed by Intercom. Use the slider next to the HomePods in your home to disable the intercom feature on as many of them as you wish .

If you want to stop a member of the group receiving intercom messages completely, use the slider next to their name to turn these off.

You can also stop intercom messages being received on your current device, instead of all of them. Just tap on the phrase ‘Receive Notifications when’ and then you choose Never.

How to send an Intercom message from an iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch

You can also use Siri on an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to send an intercom message in the same way as you can on a HomePod. All you have to do is say ‘Hey Siri,’ and use any of the phrases above.

Or alternatively, you open the Home app and then press the icon that looks like a sound wave, then you speak your message. Also on the Apple Watch, the Intercom icon is the thing you’ll first see when you open the Home app. Tap it, and then being speaking, using the same phrases as above.

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