How to Restrict Applications From Accessing the Internet on Windows 

It’s always a perfect idea to keep track of which applications have online access to your personal data. Revoking or restricting your use of the internet for certain services is a good approach to making your device more secure and keeping your personal data confidential.

Do you wish to block an application from accessing the Internet on Windows? Let’s discuss how exactly you can do this.

Why prevent Applications from accessing the Internet?

You may be suspicious of a service and not sure what data it shares with the third parties when you are online. Keeping track of personal details that are shared is always a good thing to do.

Another reason is that you do not want your kids to see certain content. Hence, blocking the internet for your applications is very useful.

How to Prevent Applications From Accessing the Internet on Windows

If you’re using a Windows PC, you don’t need to install any app to block your apps’ internet access. The built-in Windows Defender firewall is enough for restricting certain apps from using the internet.

Blocking Internet Access for Apps in the Windows Firewall

  • To use a firewall to revoke the internet, you must give a rule restricting the internet for the selected applications. Here’s how to do it
  • Go to your Control Panel, click System and Security, and select Windows Defender Firewall.
  • On the left, select the option that displays Advanced settings to see the advanced firewall settings.
  • Click Outbound Rules on the left to open a new outbound firewall rule, and then click New Rule.
  • The firewall will then ask the type of rule you want to create. Click on Program and select Next.
  • On the screen, select This program path and Browse.
  • Locate the application that you want to restrict from connecting to the internet. Once you’ve seen the app’s EXE file, click the address bar and hit Ctrl + C to copy the folder path. Don’t click the EXE file yet.
  • Revert to the firewall dashboard and paste the path in This program path. After that, input the EXE file’s name using Ctrl + V. You must perform this task because Windows will not automatically use the default path to the executable file. Then, select Next.
  • Click Block the connection and Next.
  • Select all options and hit Next to make sure the app is restricted from accessing the internet completely.
  • Input a name for the rule, as this will show in the rules list. You can also add a description if you desire and click Finish.
  • The new rule should be running now.
  • Open your app, and you will discover it can’t connect to the internet anymore.
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Unblocking the Internet for an Application in the Windows Firewall

If you want your blocked app to reaccess the internet, follow the below steps:

  • Launch Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.
  • Select Outbound Rules to see your outgoing connection rules.
  • On the right, Locate the rule you created earlier and select.
  • Hit Disable Rule to turn the rule off. This will allow the app to gain back access to the internet.
  • If you no longer want to use the rule, click Delete to eradicate the rule. Be sure of your decision before taking this step.
If you want to give temporary internet access to your application, you should disable it. So you can turn on the rule anytime you want to restrict it again.

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