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How to Opt Out of Personalized Advertisement on YouTube and Other Related Google Services

Presently, several websites and content creators rely on ads to generate revenue or cover basic operating costs. Although ad blockers are available, they can impact a website's ability to make a profit and stay operational. If you like a particular website or content creator, you may not want to block all of their ads.


This article will show you the procedure for opting out of personalized advertisements from all Google services. We'll also explain how to block certain types of ad content, even for YouTube.

Opting out of targeted ads across Google services 

There can be a compromise if your targeted Google ads start appearing too targeted, but you also want to keep supporting the content creators you like.

Also, you can change the information that Google uses in targeting ads. This can be helpful if you regularly encounter irrelevant or potentially annoying content.

You can visit Google’s ad settings through your Google account:

1. Open to My Account page. 

2. When required, input your Google username and password. 

3. Click “Data & Personalization.” on the left menu options

4. Select “Go to ad settings” after launching the “Ad Personalization” option

5. This will open Google Ads Settings for your account, and you will be given some options, like the ones below.

1. Turn Off Personalization 

If you want to block personal ads completely, Google makes things easy and nice. Locate the "Ad personalization" slider and turn it off.

Image Source: Android Authority

Google will notify you of the negative effects of turning off ad personalization. This entails losing preference for your ad and seeing irrelevant ads.

Go through the disclaimer and, if you want to continue, click 'Turn off.' You will stop seeing personalized ads in all Google services.

2. Exclude Non-Google Activity 

By default, Google uses your data to tailor the ads you see in third-party applications and websites that are partnered with Google. You can stop Google from using your data in these third-party advertisements.

It's critical to keep in mind that even after restricting non-Google activity, you may still find personalized ads on third-party sites and applications. However, these ads will not be based on activity and data in your Google Account.

To stop Google from using your data in third-party ads, select and expand the "Advanced" feature.

Untick the following checkbox: "Also use your activity and information from Google services..." Go through the disclaimer and, if you want to continue, select "Exclude."

3. Take Control Over Your Personalized Google Ads

There might be chances of Google incorrectly identifying your personal interests or characteristics, such as your age, relationship status, and location. By tweaking your ad settings, you can help Google show more relevant advertisements.

We also recommend customizing these settings if you're encountering content that you find annoying. For example, you might block ads related to alcohol and gambling.

To edit your ad profile, go to the 'How your ads are personalized' section. This area contains information collected by Google from your accounts, such as age and gender. It also shows information deduced based on your online history, such as your marital and parental status. Also, this list includes areas and topics that Google thinks might interest you.

When you see an item, you want to block from your profile, click it, then select "Turn off."

This will limit the chances of you encountering ads connected to this item.

If you see an item you want to remove from your ad profile, click and disable it. Google will no longer make use of the information to tailor its targeted advertisements.

4. Disable YouTube Ad Categories 

Google is currently testing a feature that allows you to block ads related to gambling and alcohol. This feature is still in the beta stage, so it may not be available on your Google Account yet.

To check if these settings are available for you, Go to the bottom of the Ad Settings page. If you see a "Disable ad categories on YouTube" portion, then you have the privilege to disable all ads that fall into the displayed categories.


You can now support the websites you love without being frustrated with targeted ads. For more privacy options, learn how to protect your privacy when browsing Google Chrome or learn to use these Google alternatives.

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