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Download and Installation of Windows 10


Windows 10 could be the simplest version of Microsoft’s OS that they have ever released. And, Learning how to use the Windows 10 properly is worth it, since it comes with a number of latest features and a fresh UI.

Microsoft took the simplest parts of the previous generations of the OS to bring Windows 10 to subsequent level. With all the updates that are released, particularly the massive Windows 10 October 2018 Update and the 2019 Update also because in the November 2019 Update, you've got even more features at your disposal.

It is true that Windows 10 has its own share of problems. If you’re conversant in Windows 7 or 8, learning the way to use Windows 10 takes a touch navigating. To assist you discover your way round the latest OS from Microsoft, we’ve put together this guide with tips you would like. You’ll also see the way to download and install. It won’t take long for you to find out the way to download Windows 10 which is a sort of real Windows computer user.

How to use Windows 10

Image Credit: TechRadar

How to Download and Install Windows 10

Obviously, if your PC doesn’t already accompany the software installed, you've got to download and install Windows 10 first before you'll start using it. Don’t worry – we’ll show you the way to install the Windows 10 installer.

If you didn’t reserve your free upgrade to Windows 10 before it expired, simply visit the Microsoft Store, and you'll purchase and download Windows 10 through there.

This guide will take you through the essential steps to be sure your PC is prepared to upgrade to Windows 10, including using the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor, creating a recovery drive, and backing up all your important files and more. This will make sure that your upgrade to Windows 10 goes as smoothly as possible. If you are not sure about upgrading, then allow us to explain why you ought to download Windows 10 immediately.

Now that your PC is prepared to put in Windows 10, it should be a comparatively straightforward process.

How to use Windows 10

Image Credit: Microsoft

Step One: Check the Get Windows 10 App

When your PC is prepared to download and install Windows 10, the Get Windows 10 app should appear within the notification area of your taskbar (in the bottom-right corner of your screen). This app will allow you to order your copy of Windows 10, letting Microsoft know you're curious about upgrading.

How to use Windows 10

Image Credit: Microsoft

Step Two: Download Windows 10 via Windows Update

Once the "Get Window app" allows you to order for your copy, then Windows 10 download should be ready. If Windows doesn't automatically download it, open up Windows Update by typing "Windows Update" into the beginning Menu of Windows 7 or the beginning Screen of Windows 8. There, you ought to find it for download and installation

This will download and install Windows 10 as an upgrade over the previous Windows installation you have, keeping your files and settings intact.

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