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How to Create Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft now has new update for Teams with new features, including the long-awaited and much-desired ability to make breakout rooms. With calculation, over 20,000 Microsoft users voted for the suggestion on Microsoft Teams UserVoice, the user feedback forum for the Teams app.

Anyone can access Teams with a free Microsoft account, and premium users of the Office 365 suite enjoy a strong version of Teams with features like increased file storage, meeting recording, and therefore the ability to host online events for up to 10,000 people.

Minimum Requirements for Breakout Rooms in Teams

Before we start , let’s confirm everything is right for you to be ready to create breakout rooms in your Teams meetings. As you would possibly imagine, some setup is required to enable breakout rooms in Teams. Double-check these settings before you begin .

New Meeting Experience

First, you want to be using Teams’ “new meeting experience.” you'll activate the new experience by selecting your profile pic within the top-right corner of the desktop app and getting to Settings. Then select activate new meeting experience and restart Teams.

Minimum Number of Participants

For fixing the breakouts choice to be available to the meeting organizer, there must be nothing less than five participants minimum within the meeting. While people calling in by phone can’t join breakouts at this point , they are doing count towards the five-person minimum.

Are You the Meeting Organizer?

Only the meeting organizer can create and manage breakouts, although there's some indication from Microsoft that they're going to allow the organizer to share this responsibility in future updates to groups.

Tip: If the meeting invitation must come from someone aside from the one that are going to be managing the breakouts, have the breakout manager create the Teams meeting then use that meeting link within the meeting invitation.

As long because the meeting link was created by the one that are going to be managing the breakouts, it doesn’t matter who shares the link.

Creating Breakout Rooms in Teams

As of this writing, breakout rooms in Teams can't be configured beforehand of the meeting like they will in Zoom. Once the Teams meeting is ongoing , you, the meeting organizer, can begin by selecting the Breakout Rooms icon on the meeting toolbar.

Selecting the Breakout Rooms icon will launch a screen where you'll decide what percentage breakout rooms you would like to make and whether you’d like Teams to automatically assign participants into breakout rooms or if you’d like better to manually select which breakout room to which each participant are going to be sent.

Once you’ve created the breakout rooms, you'll assign participants to the rooms via the breakout rooms panel.

Select Assign participants, and you’ll see an inventory of all the participants in your meeting. Check the box next to a participant then choose which room you would like to assign them to.

You being the meeting organizer, you'll assign participants to the breakout rooms at any point during the meeting. When you’re really ready to start the breakout session, select Start rooms to open all the breakout rooms simultaneously and move people into their assigned rooms.

Note: For the time been, you can’t set a timer to automatically lose breakout rooms in Teams. this is often yet one more feature that we expect Teams to feature in future updates.

Image Credit:  Online Tech Tips

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