How To Choose A Surround Sound System

If you’re a movie or music lover, you probably want the clearest sounds to boost your audio experience. And considering the recent improvements in technology, there has never been a better time to be a lover of good sounds. If you have money to spend, there is a wide range of options at hand when it comes to audio systems.

However, navigating through all of these options can be daunting. You need to acquaint yourself with the jargon and find the gadget that suits your needs. To help you on the road to an amazing sound experience, we’ll talk about surround sound.

Surround sound works by using several speakers, and each supplies a different audio channel. The system permits the listener to hear a full range of sound provided by, let’s say, a high-speed vehicle. First, you hear the car coming, then its humming sound next to you, and finally its faint hum in the distance as it speeds past you. 

This is why some people say that a complete surround sound for a filmlike experience requires at least five allocated speakers. The film’s action and the dialogue are divided between the speakers for realism, and the background noise comes out of the rear speakers.

Being familiar with this can aid in understanding some figures normally used in surround sound’s jargon. For example, 5.1 refers to five speakers and a subwoofer, allocated by .1. 

Subwoofers play sounds at very low frequencies. Other common surround sound models consist of 6.1 and 7.1, including additional back speakers. Regular stereo audio is called 2.0, comprising two speakers, and excluding subwoofer.

Selecting Surround Sound to Suit Your Needs

If you enjoy the cinematic experience of surround sound and are looking forward to playing it at home, don’t rush to the store yet. It is easy to be carried away by the several options available. Hence, you will want to acquaint yourself with your choices and tailor what you need before you go out.

A critical restriction is related to the room’s size in which you intend to configure the audio system. The larger the space, the more power it entails. 

Also, your budget may tailor down your options. To avoid excess spending, determine the size of your pocket before you go shopping. The advantage of getting a simpler surround sound system is that it can be more easily configured than a state-of-the-art option.

So what are your options if you don’t know too much about technology and don’t have much cash to spend, but you’re looking forward to getting a surround sound system? This may appear like a frustrating combination, but experts say it’s still possible to get a sound quality at home.

Final Thoughts

As expected, proper speaker placement is vital to getting the best of your surround sound setup. But what you may not know is that it is not something you should postpone thinking about until after you have purchased. That’s because while you are at the shop, you should also buy speaker stands. It’s tempting to save a few bucks here and place your speakers on tables and shelves; however, separate stands provide an optimal audio experience. Another benefit when you buy stands is that you will not have to lose the shelf space, and they give an elegant look.

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