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How To Be Super Productive As A Programmer

It's easy to look or appear as a busy programmer without achieving much. Spending too much time reading emails or engaging in repetitive tasks does not bring much value.

Busy people can spend days with nothing substantial to show for their resources, time, and effort. You don't want to appear as just a busy person. So, how do you maximize your productivity as a programmer instead of just being busy?

Know When to Take a Break 

Coding can become intense, especially when you're coding for several consecutive hours. Inevitably, you regularly look at the screen without knowing how to resolve a certain problem you are facing.

Empty your head for a few minutes and focus again. Have a drink and stretch your legs. You will realize that you can solve problems faster.

Spend Time Mastering New Tools

Tools define how you work. In addition to mastering these tools, you should dedicate time to learning new ones.

Developers have peculiar needs depending on their area of focus. There is no precise list of tools that every developer needs. There are different tools for each developer. Mostly, depending on your technology stack, a Java developer would use tools different from that of a Python developer. And even if the technology stack is the same, every developer has their own preference.

Automate Your Jobs

Most jobs tend to be very repetitive. Programming is certainly no exception. In fact, programming is perhaps one of the tasks you could automate most of your repetitive process.

Automating as many jobs as possible can help you spend less time doing manual things. Initially, you have to spend some time building the script to automate certain tasks, but this will pay off in the long run.

Work on the Most Important Job First

Your most urgent job is a critical responsibility that will generate the essential results you want. Not all tasks on the table are crucial, so don't treat them as the same.

Separate your most important tasks and do them first. That's what it takes to be productive.

Create a Plan Before Coding

Making a plan before coding keeps you focused. Hence, you know precisely what to build and how you intend to approach problem-solving. This allows you to keep your thoughts in check or add some irrelevant features that you think might be needed in the future.

Before you think of writing codes, you should make sure that you understand every single requirement. To build or fix something, you need to understand what you should be coding.

Cut Yourself Off From Social Media

Social networks are a great distraction. And, for some reason, we tend to visit it every ten minutes to check if we're missing something. To discover nothing interesting is happening.

If you are not mindful, social networks can absorb a lot of your precious time. Every time you get distracted, it takes more time to regain focus, and you must know that nothing is done easily.

This is, without a doubt, the tip that could boost productivity the most - depending on your socializing habits. The best part of this is that it can be applied without too much effort.

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