How to Add Weather to Google Calendar

Have you ever felt the deep disappointment that comes when your favorite online service is not any longer available?  It’s true that Google can be very frustrating in terms of changing services or even deleting them, for we have all learned that what Google giveth, Google can also take away.

Readers may remember when adding weather to Google Calendar was as simple as checking a box in the calendar settings. There are still a couple of ways to display weather information on your Google Calender.

The Weather Calendars You Can Subscribe to in the Google Calendar

To add weather to your Google Calendar the easiest way is by subscribing to one or more of several available weather calendars. The three best weather calendar is rounded up below and explain how to add them to Google Calendar.

Weather Forecast with Icons

This is a simple way to add weather to your GCal. 

2. Enter the location for that you want weather info into the search box.

3. Select Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

4. Select day temperature or high/low.
5. Copy the generated URL.
6. Open your Google Calendar in a browser.
7. Select the cog/gear icon and open Settings.
8. In the menu on the left, select Add calendar > From URL.

9. Paste the URL you copied.
10. Select the Add calendar button.
11. Return to the calendar to see the weather data.

Formerly called the, this service offers two kinds of free accounts and two premium options. The “Free for All” account does not require any sign-up, only that you won’t be able to change any settings, and there won’t be any access for you to any location-based calendars.

A “Free Account” requires you to make an account with an email address. You’ll have access to more calendars, and you’ll have access to rename them and change the settings. Notably, “All the accounts that are new, receive a 3 month Paid subscription account free of charge (access to all calendars).”

Connect Google Calendar to Weather Underground Using IFTTT

Weather Underground used to be many people’s “go-to” for adding their weather information to Google Calendar. First the bad news then the great news.

Unfortunately, Weather Underground has stopped its iCal service for a while back, so for now you cannot subscribe via URL like you can with the services listed above. Fortunately, you can still integrate Weather Underground with your Google Calendar using “If, This, Then, That”.

All of the below applets pull data from Weather Underground and add weather information to your Google Calendar. The applet titles are self-explanatory.


  1. Every day at 6 AM, add today’s weather report to your calendar
  1. Add a reminder to your calendar if it’s going to rain tomorrow
  1. Get daily weather in Google Calendar

  1. Put tomorrow’s snow forecasts on your calendar

  1. Tomorrow’s forecast, today! Add a weather report at 6pm in GCal

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