Consolidating All Your Technology into a Single Device

What gadgets do you take along you when you go on a trip? If you are a tech fan, you can bring a mobile phone, an MP3 player, a video camera, a digital camera, a radio, a GPS receiver, and maybe a portable video game device. If you cannot go a day without watching your favorite shows, you might want to pack a small TV on top of everything. Not to talk of laptops!

But what if you could wrap all these gadgets in one device? These devices can be multifunctional and can help you save space while packing for a trip. Why carry eight different gadgets when one does everything you want?

We call the trend of several devices uniting in a single convergence factor. If you take a closer look at the technology market, you’ll see that many gadgets now incorporate features traditionally performed by other devices. Mobile phones are a perfect example – manufacturers have started integrating digital cameras into their mobile phones, and consumers have responded enthusiastically. In a short time, you could find mobile phones that can capture photos, play MP3 files and even browse the web.

Now that smartphones possess a foothold in the market, you can find devices that incorporate a camera, WiFi connectivity, a GPS receiver, and other features. Many smartphone operating system modelers allow third-party developers to build applications that extend the phone functionality.

In the meantime, netbooks are becoming more and more popular. Netbooks are lightweight laptops that do not have a potent processor or huge storage space. Instead, netbook users access web services and let remote computers do the heavy job. Some netbooks now integrate webcams, GPS receivers, and other advanced functionalities.

Pros and Cons to Consolidating Gadgets

PROS 1: The most apparent benefit of consolidating devices into a single gadget is convenience. You don’t have to deal with multiple devices every time you go on a trip. And when you have a single device with you, you don’t have to worry that you would miss the opportunity to capture special moments because you left your camera at home.

PROS 2: Another nice advantage is that many of these devices permit you to perform tasks that would traditionally require several procedures. For example, with a standard MP3 player, you will need to download content to a computer. Then sync your MP3 player with the computer and transfer files. But presently, with many smartphones, you can search for content, buy it, download without connecting to another device.

CONS 1: So what are the disadvantages? One significant thing is that if you lose or damage your device, you lose everything. If you carry a single device around, there‚Äôs no redundancy. It’s pretty bad if a device fails, but if you rely on that gadget to do everything you really have to do, then you’re out of luck. And if someone steals your device, they will get everything that comes with it. This could include sensitive information or other important files.

CONS 2: Also, storage can be a problem. If you use a single device to store pictures, apps, music, videos, and other files, you’ll run out of storage space fast enough. You may be able to expand this with memory cards or flash drives, but storage on the device itself will run out pretty quickly.

Final Thoughts:

We are not at the point where we can consolidate all our gadgets into one device and expect the perfect results. But, depending on technology’s evolution, it may not be long before we carry an all-in-one gadget.

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