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24k Magic - Bruno Mars (Extreme Slap) Crazy Bass solo *pdf included*
Here's my slaptastic version of the bruno mars tune "24K Magic". If your looking for this transcription follow the link here. Complete transcription of my version is here https://ift.tt/38LaEpx https://ift.tt/2LTxznM https://ift.tt/319Av3o Played on my Marcus Miller Signature Fender Jazz. Strung with D'Addario NYXL Strings, 45 -130. I played this through a Sans Amps Bass Driver (Parts of the solo section) into and Aguilar TH500. It was filmed by mistake at a higher frame and shutter speed this is why there is a slight jitter to the video. It was a bright idea at the time but now everyone thinks that this video has been sped up. Lols The solo section pays homage to some of my Bass Hero's, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Andrew Gouche, Ethan Farmer, to name a few. I would be grateful if you can like, share and comment. Please leave me a note (in the comment box) of any transcriptions, lessons or videos you would like to see in the future. Enjoy C Bass lessons and Guitars Tabs, Sheet Music with chords released every Sunday. You can also help SUPPORT THE SITE by donation through My website you can donate here. https://www.cocosbassment.com/…/monthly-subscription-intro…/ You can also help SUPPORT THE SITE by donation through my Patreon page. Follow the link. You can also sign up to request a SONG OF YOUR CHOICE TRANSCRIBED EACH WEEK. CHECK OUT MORE INFORMATION HERE. https://ift.tt/3eZ2T0c Follow me on Facebook https://ift.tt/38N0rca Twitter https://twitter.com/Cocosbassment Instagram https://ift.tt/3kuGf0F
via Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoS5q4buIq0

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