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Patreon - https://ift.tt/398gP3J... Resources MIT OpenCourseWare - Algorithms and Data Structures Coursera UCSD and Stanford courses Cracking The Coding Interview Introduction to Algorithms book Pramp + College algorithms and data structures Also HackerRank videos on youtube and CS dojo Must know - fundamental data structures - fundamental algorithms - time and space complexity ___ Twitch - https://ift.tt/39aqNlm Twitter - https://twitter.com/nicholaswwhite Instagram - https://ift.tt/2tvAyvb LinkedIn - https://bit.ly/37AEo5j Github - https://ift.tt/37YhfcM Discord - https://ift.tt/31qrCDO Soundcloud - https://ift.tt/373B693 #Algorithms #DataStructures #ComputerScience
via YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-ubSA9GA3o

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