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Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche (JeremyGutsche.com) speaks about making change happen in a corporate culture, finding opportunity, disruptive innovation and internalizing the pace of change, recorded at our epic Future Festival. Learn more: http://bit.ly/1MV1PpD This is Jeremy Gutsche's best speech on cultural change as it specifically breaks down the pace of change and next steps about how to tactically make change and disruptive innovation happen. Compared to his other innovation keynote videos, this CHANGE speech is more tactical with next steps and specifics about creating a culture of innovation and change to extract better creative thinking from yourself and your team. If you want to understand how to make a culture of innovation and change , this keynote contains important lessons that will help you better understand how to get an organization to adapt and be more open to ideas. You'll learn how to create a culture of innovation and change, how to realize your full potential, how to internalize the pace of change and how to better understand how rapid change impacts your search for opportunity. Jeremy's adaptation concepts are based on the notion that great ideas are probably much closer within your grasp that you think, particularly in our current era of rapid change, but we become blinded by organizational traps, our own success and our inability to internalize the pace of change. Fixing this is the purpose of this innovation keynote video. Corporate cultures have certain innovation limiters and accelerants that block you, or enable you, in your quest to innovate and win the future. In detail, this innovation keynote speech is structured around the 6 key innovation and change limiters that block innovation from actually happening and the corresponding 6 innovation and change accelerants to help you better achieve progress. Each lesson ends with a list of innovation tactics and methods for accelerating change, which you can implement in your culture. However, keep in mind this innovation and change keynote video is a 30 minute sample of the actual speech on change and innovation, which was a 120 minute innovation keynote, recorded at Trend Hunter's Innovation Conference, Future Festival World Summit. This keynote was also part 2 in a 3 part lesson that began with Jeremy's top innovation keynote video, Better and Faster, and ended on his latest futurism keynote, The Super Future. If you want to continue learning about innovation by watching Jeremy's TED Talk style, join 10,000,000 people who have watched his best keynotes: 1. Better and Faster - Jeremy's top keynote speech on innovation and change, based on his New York Times Bestseller 2. Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Jeremy's best speech on disruptive innovation, all about megatrends and disruption based on the key changes Trend Hunter is observing. 3. Exploiting Chaos - Jeremy's first 1,000,000 view keynote about innovation, based on his first book about how opportunity appears in time periods of chaos and change. * The Super Future (coming soon) - Jeremy's Futurism Keynote, which is Part 2 of this keynote, from Future Festival, which deals with the ACCELERATING pace of change. To learn more about innovation, or watch the Trend Hunter team's speeches on innovation, futurism, trends and disruptive innovation, visit our innovation conference site, FutureFestival.com, where you'll also find more innovation keynote videos from Jeremy Gutsche.
via YouTube https://youtu.be/F5pFKFlDSdA

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