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How To Get A Woman To Think About You Non-Stop | 3 Powerful Ways!

How to get a woman to think about you non-stop! In this video, I am going to show you how to make a woman think about you. This starts with the emotional connection that you are able to connect with her. An emotional connection does not mean that you get over emotional and talk about your deepest desires. The emotional connection means show her that you are the guy that she wants. So the time you spend with her is very important to the attraction phase. Make this time fun, light, and make your presence known. Also, this is how to get a woman to think about you all the time. So this video is going to be about how to get a girl to think about you and for her to continue to think about you once you are in that stage of spending time together and now you want her to think about you! Tip #1: Do not be predictable! This is the most important. You want to show an imbalance so she knows that she still has to attract you that she still has some work to do. Meaning if you text her good morning or good night all the time they don’t do it too much anymore. See if she starts. Also, don’t respond too early to her text. Make her wait and get excited to see your name pop up on her phone. This is how you make a woman want you and how to make her like you. Tip #2: Be mysterious. Let her wonder what you are doing. Do not post everything that you are doing every single second like what you are eating for dinner where you are for happy hour instead post things less if you are active on social media. Also being mysterious means temporarily disappearing. You don’t want to disappear for too long but disappear long enough where it gets her wondering what you are up to. So if it takes you a whole day to reply to her morning text and then at night you finally text back say this. “ I’ve had such a busy day! I hope your day was great. I am going to head to bed as I have a long day tomorrow. Talk soon and goodnight.” This message shows her she is not your priority and women love this! This is how to get her thinking of you and this is what to do when a girl likes you. They see you have a life that you love and it shows stability. Which leads me to 3. Tip #3: Do this a couple times. Not just once. There are some dating coaches that will tell you to go off the radar for three days but let's be honest if this woman is attractive and has her pick she isn’t going to be turned on by this because it just seems shady. You just have to pop in and out! But on your terms, because you are so busy. Keep this up for about 3 days. Once you start engaging in conversation she is going to be thinking about what you are really doing? She might think things like was he with another girl, what is he doing that he is so invested in that he isn’t giving me the time of day. This stands out from what other men are doing! Remember you want to be less predictable during this time which enhances her attraction. I mean most of the time this girl might even say “ when am I going to see you again” when you reach back out to her. So tip #4 Making the plans after being busy. When you start chatting with her again just let her know you’ve been busy with work but also focus the conversation on what she has been up to because you do not want to fully answer her questions. Once you do this schedule something with her eventually and not right away. Why? The time that passes will get her excited to see you again. That time is critical to the attraction phase. Say something like” hey I am busy the next two days but have some time on Friday. Would you like to grab a drink then.”? I encourage all my clients to do this. Do not become a text messaging buddy make sure your text messages are simple, to the point and close-ended most of the times. LINKS: [ PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS ] https://ift.tt/2p6Ie14 [ EBOOK ] 7 COMMON MISTAKES MEN MAKE WHEN ATTRACTING A WOMAN https://ift.tt/2PbiWuB [MANUAL] 20 QUESTIONS TO ASK A WOMAN TO GET TO KNOW HER TRUE SELF https://ift.tt/2L0BrP4 [SOCIAL MEDIA] Facebook: https://ift.tt/2CRsHvK... Instagram: https://ift.tt/2OJzFEi [CONTACT ME] https://ift.tt/2CRZbWB Apollonia Ponti Good For You by THBD https://ift.tt/1jrwzPp Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 https://ift.tt/15faYU2... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/-K_YSjqKgvQ
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