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Create a New Document in Project Site

In this video you will learn how to create and add information to a new document in your Project Site on Project Server 2013. To watch our other Microsoft Project Server and Project Professional training videos please click here https://www.youtube.com/user/WellingtonePPM Wellingtone is a Microsoft Gold Partner meaning that we offer Project Server/Project Online support, training and consultancy. We regularly run webinars and are currently offering free 30 and 90 day trials for Project Online. You can find out more by clicking here http://bit.ly/1tstYe6 Video Transcript Welcome to this next video in this series, this one is called How do I Create a New Document in a Project Site. Now I showed you in the last video How to Update a List in the Project Site that you can select the project in the project centre, click on the link and then click on the project site link. I also mentioned that you can come in from the PWA home page here and just drill in to the project from there and that also takes you to the project site. In the Project Site, we’re going to concentrate on the Documentation Section in in the quick launch pane on the left hand side. You will see that there are different libraries, in SharePoint you can call them libraries or folders (it doesn’t matter which) I’m going to click on Project Documents. You can see that there is already a document already in here. I can go into the top menu and click on the Files tab which will open up ribbons of functionality. You can see one of the options is New Document. Click on this, it will bring up lots of different document templates that have already been set up and you can go in and click on them and you have the template there which is very good. Each of the project sites will have this list of document templates. I’m going to click on Evaluation Checklist and this will open the document up in Word. This will help you to make sure you’ve looked at all of the checklist to do with the project. When I’ve done that then I can begin to fill in all of the fields at the top of the document with all of the information relating to the project. When I have finished with that, I click on File, Close and then click Save. Something important to note is that in Save As, DO NOT play around with the location of where the document is saving because it actually knows it’s saving it in that document library, you can however edit the name. Click Save, it will bring up another box, click Yes on this. The document will now be in the Project Documents library and you can see that it is actually version 1. If I go and select that document and go up into Files and click Edit the Document I can go and check that document and put some information and click on File and Close and then click Save to save the changes you have made. Now once you have gone back into the Document library, if you click refresh, you will now see that it is saved as Version 2. This is the way to deal with the documents inside here and to make sure all the documents are stored together in the one place for ease of access for everybody involved in that project.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/ZAfxEJ21Ttg

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