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Check out my website - https://ift.tt/2DAzrge Get cool rewards for supporting me here: https://ift.tt/2QbjCmW Instagram: https://ift.tt/2DDMA8a Singing Critique Service- https://ift.tt/2QdoNml This is a video of my decade-long journey through vocal training and singing lessons that have lead to me to where I am now - a singer and vocal coach. I hope, if nothing else, this video inspires some of you to continue on your journey to vocal mastery. Just when you think to give up, push on! Full Videos 1:55-2:02- https://youtu.be/Inc5nPz8VJk 2:03-2:08- https://youtu.be/XJi6wPG24ik 2:09-2:15- https://youtu.be/O18qtoR3TuM 2:16-2:23- https://youtu.be/Yq2ibLO5q3s 2:24-2:30- https://youtu.be/rn9QrtPKl1w 2:31-2:38- https://youtu.be/oXE0VwZ6Jrg 2:39-2:44- https://youtu.be/2CmIuiHphOo 2:45-2:52- https://youtu.be/QfuemOGG1co 2:53-2:57- https://youtu.be/wtguhb4BCZk 2:58-3:03- https://youtu.be/G4RysuiKCLI 3:04-3:07- https://youtu.be/huDVQt6hH4Q 3:08-3:12- https://youtu.be/PUJ-4-v6PpY 3:13-3:15- https://youtu.be/mOAqfwKzU0k 3:16-3:21- https://youtu.be/c_sMg-BRRVY 4:00-4:06- https://youtu.be/lbRJF0SvOL4 4:07-4:12- https://youtu.be/T79mc1214us 4:19-4:26- https://youtu.be/Q9wUoOSnVxc 4:33-4:40- https://youtu.be/wNt2LmRvrMw 4:41-4:49- https://youtu.be/GMjDg8Jxbus
via YouTube https://youtu.be/eTX9LxZ9YUQ

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