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The story is heading to Liberia...with your help. Check out the Go Fund Me to help make it possible. https://ift.tt/2mbMzhp For all you spacemen who trade in cryptocurrency, here are my wallet addresses: Bitcoin: 1FKrMVCChrmAowYRWuVAj7vwqtCTu4eezu Ethereum: 0xE5dC59F4cdee6C01f30d81d8BA05b70B2f4896dA Litecoin: LSiAGYFsYphU3DGQ5WoYSzkidDHMDQjoP7 Want to stay up to date on the latest? Then follow me on the socials. Instagram: @pleasantgrn Twitter: @pleasantgreen
via YouTube https://youtu.be/y0E86Yg8XlY

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