BlurSpy App – The Best Solution For Worried Parents!


This tech age has not only made life easy and connected us to our loved ones, but also paved ways for risks and threats. These risks increase twofold when kids are involved. No matter how much technologically smart your kid is, there is always a high probability that he can get trapped. This is mainly due to kids’ experimental nature and attraction to new people and things. If your kid has just turned into a teenager, it’s high time he/she will demand a gadget, i.e. mobile phone. As this era is based entirely on the technology you will have to get them their desired gadget. But, this is not as easy as it sounds. The threats to your kid in the virtual realm are beyond your expectations. He might become a drug addict or a criminal who knows. You will have to think ahead of them to figure out the ways to protect them.

Mobile tracking is the ultimate solution to this trouble. You can install BlurSpy in his device and can watch his activities remotely without letting him know. BlurSpy is the best spy app which gives you a full command to control your kid’s internet life.
This android monitoring software gives you access to the following: 
  • ·       Calls, texts, and audio messages

A significant threat your child may face lies in his contact with inappropriate people. Now definitely he won’t find them harmful for himself as he is naïve. You being a responsible parent will have to sort out a feasible way for this. BlurSpy cell phone spy app monitors their calls, texts and audio messages. You can see their shared and received media files, which proves to be helping hand for parents.
  • ·       Location tracking 

When your kid is out of your sight, anything can happen to him/her. You cannot just sit back and relax after sending him out. BlurSpy mobile spy app informs you about the places he stayed in and the routes he took from school to home. If he is taking a long time to reach home than usual, it is an alarming situation for you. If your child has a clue that you will not let him go to a specific restaurant or club, he will try to hide it from you. But if you are a tech-smart parent, you do not need to worry, gear up and mark restricted and safe areas for your kid with BlurSpy phone monitoring software. You will be notified every time they enter a restricted place or cross the secure boundary.

  •  Reach their physical surrounding
Threats are not only in the internet world, but they are also equally present in the real world. The party which your kid is attending might involve drugs and alcohol. Or a fight may erupt between him and his friends, do you think you cannot do anything to avoid this? We guarantee it that you can! Tracking an android phone with BlurSpy can do wonders. You can bug their speaker or camera and can see what is going around your kid in a gathering. You can quickly judge if he/she is enjoying it or is stuck in a problem.
  • ·       Save them from social media exploitation

Although social media apps were made to change the world into a connected place, it has somehow diverted from its original motive. Today’s generation is using these apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to find their dates! This can be horrifying when he/she is a teen or pre-teen. But with BlurSpy kid tracker app, this huge social world is not left unchecked now. You can conveniently record their social apps and watch them later. If you feel something fishy, you can ban that particular website from their device and you are good to go. 
Mobile phone spying was never so easy, but Blurspy android tracking software has done it. You can throw away the worries of parenting and can trust this phone spy app, and it will be amazingly better than your expectations!