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3 SNEAKY Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Website SEO Traffic

I'm sharing three ways video can help you with your SEO and grow your website traffic FAST! SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2Ms0w7j to learn more about how to grow your YouTube channel this year. Want more tips on how to become famous online? Go to https://viewership.com/ This video is all about how it is that you can use videos just like this right now, to help you improve your search engine optimization. So here are the three ways that it can do that. 1:21 Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Website SEO Traffic #1 Number one is to convert your videos into a written blog post. Now one thing I've always found is creating a video like this is, quite frankly, easier than writing. You know the writing takes time, it takes thoughts, it takes saying something and then deleting it, whereas video, you can just kind of talk. You can talk into the camera; you can teach people things and then once you have your editor create a perfect video that you want to release to the world, the next thing you want to make sure you do is to have your writers turn that video into a keyword dense article. 1:51 Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Website SEO Traffic #2 Now number two is embedding the video onto any of your blog posts are going to increase your SEO because people are going to stay on that website for longer. One of the key metrics that Google looks for when they are deciding which articles are going to rank for number one or number two on search results for a given keyword, is they want to see if someone clicks on a link, are they then going to stay on that page for a long time? If you release a blog post on your website, and you wanna rank for a really competitive term, you wanna make sure that when people actually do click onto that website, people are staying for a long time on that page because Google will see like, wow okay so they clicked from that search result, they went to this page, they stayed on that page, clearly they must've gotten the information that they wanted. The best way to increase that time on page is to have a video on that page. Because what happens with video? Videos take a while to watch. So by embedding videos onto that blog post, you're going to drastically improve your ability to rank for very, very competitive keywords. 2:50 Ways Video Marketing Can Grow Your Website SEO Traffic #3 And finally, number three is brand awareness. If people hear about your brand on YouTube, or LinkedIn, on Facebook, or on SnapChat, or Instagram, any of these platforms, and then they go to Google to search for your company, what's going to happen? Your company is going to get featured more and more in Google search results. So for example, after watching this video right now, on either LinkedIn or YouTube and you went ahead and searched for viewership, just the word viewership, on Google, what would happen? You'll see that I'm currently ranked number two on Google for that word. 3:30 But if over time, enough people end up searching for the word viewership, then end up clicking through to my website instead of whatever's number one right now, probably like the dictionary definition of viewership, what's going to happen? Viewership is going to rank as number one for that word. So notice that if you're releasing a lot of videos, you want to make sure that you're mentioning your brand in the video themselves, so people end up going to Google, searching for that brand, and then clicking through to the website. This is going to increase your rankings on Google drastically. So there you have it. 4:00 There are three ways that videos can increase your SEO. So let me ask for you, how are you using video to increase your search engine rankings? I'd love to hear from you in the comments, right there below. Also, give this video a like, that would help me out a lot. And if you'd like to hear more topics like this, it's a little bit outside of what I usually talk about, please, give me a comment below, ask me a question, I'll use it for future videos. And then finally, if you want to read more blogs and articles about topics just like this, head on over to viewership.com/blog. You can be able to see lists of all of our blogs, and you can see how it is that I take a video and then turn it into an article so that we can rank very quickly for very competitive terms. So go ahead, check it out, viewership.com/blog. Thank you so much for watching.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/IMJVK-ENKlY

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