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cakephp 3.4 tutorial for beginners step by step - 1 - How to install and setup cakephp 3.x

Installation¶ CakePHP is simple and easy to install. The minimum requirements are a web server and a copy of CakePHP, that’s it! While this chapter focuses primarily on setting up on Apache (because it’s simple to install and setup), CakePHP will run on a variety of web servers such as nginx, LightHTTPD, or Microsoft IIS. Requirements HTTP Server. For example: Apache. Having mod_rewrite is preferred, but by no means required. PHP 5.6.0 or greater (including PHP 7.1). mbstring PHP extension intl PHP extension In both XAMPP and WAMP, the mbstring extension is working by default. In XAMPP, intl extension is included but you have to uncomment extension=php_intl.dll in php.ini and restart the server through the XAMPP Control Panel. In WAMP, the intl extension is “activated” by default but not working. To make it work you have to go to php folder (by default) C:\wamp\bin\php\php{version}, copy all the files that looks like icu*.dll and paste them into the apache bin directory C:\wamp\bin\apache\apache{version}\bin. Then restart all services and it should be OK. While a database engine isn’t required, we imagine that most applications will utilize one. CakePHP supports a variety of database storage engines: MySQL (5.1.10 or greater) PostgreSQL Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or higher) SQLite 3 All built-in drivers require PDO. You should make sure you have the correct PDO extensions installed. Installing CakePHP Before starting you should make sure that your PHP version is up to date: php -v You should have PHP 5.6.0 (CLI) or higher. Your webserver’s PHP version must also be of 5.6.0 or higher, and should be the same version your command line interface (CLI) uses. Installing Composer CakePHP uses Composer, a dependency management tool, as the officially supported method for installation. Installing Composer on Linux and macOS Run the installer script as described in the official Composer documentation and follow the instructions to install Composer. Execute the following command to move the composer.phar to a directory that is in your path: mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
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