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Visual Studio Python Tutorial 2/6: Start coding in Python using Visual Studio

In this Connect("Learn"); tutorial we’ll walk you through how Visual Studio interacts with a Python project structure and demonstrate how to use the Visual Studio Solution Explorer to navigate code. We’ll then show what options you have to get started, to import your existing code or easily create a new project using built-in project templates for various common type of website frameworks such as Django or Flask. Also check out other related deep dive video(s): Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Interpreters: https://youtu.be/KY1GEOo3qy0 Visual Studio Python Tutorial Deep Dive: Source Control: https://youtu.be/Aq8eqApnugM Get the free tools: Visual Studio Community: https://ift.tt/2jsoNyU Python Tools for Visual Studio: http://aka.ms/ptvs
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/KHPoVpL7zHg

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