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Start Python 3 Programming Today!

Watch this free Python 3 programming tutorial to get started coding in Python today! Take The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced at http://jerry.tips/3python to get answers to your questions and 6 more hours of video for $9 or get all my courses for $10 a month at http://jerry.tips/jbcourses. Use this video to learn how to code in Python working on practical applications, and get started programming today! If you want to get started programming in Python you are going to LOVE this video! You will start with installing and finish in the Python language! Click the time points below to move through the individual lectures in this 2016 Python 3 class! 6:52 What is Python? Is Python a good language to learn for people new to programming? Python is a great for new coders and this course was designed to complete immerse you in the programming language. 11:01 Let's go ahead and cover the three different ways you can install/setup Python 3. 17:59 Windows 10 Installation. Python 3 installation walk-through on Windows 10. 20:02 Interpreted vs. compiled programming language. Let's talk about the difference between an interpreted programming language and a compiled programming language. With Python you can write a script and immediately execute it via terminal or command prompt. 24:13 Creating and running our first Python script. Let's go ahead and create our Python script and learn how to run it in terminal. 25:56 Setting up our integrated development environment (IDE). Let's setup our integrated development environment (IDE). We will be using PyCharm in this course. 34:09 What is a number? In programming, there's two different types of numbers, one is called an integer, and the other is a floating point. 39:38 What is a string? A string is any text that you want to be treated as text within a program. 44:29 String Manipulation. What are some of the fun and useful things that we can do with strings in Python? Let's do some string manipulation. 54:11 Boolean Operators. What is a boolean? Well basically is not just a Python specific concept it's a programming concept in general and it consists of two items, one is true, one is false. 59:04 What are lists in Python? Let's discuss lists and what they are in Python. if you do have experience with programming in other languages, let's say PHP, you know how to create an array and what an array is. For anybody else it's a way to to keep data organized and within one construct. 1:02:19 Dictionaries sub-series wrap up. 1:05:35 What is a variable? A variable is something that is variable in meaning and the value of it is not always constant. 1:11:19 Python's built-in functions. 1:17:48 What is a function? Begin using our IDE and writing our first function. 1:28:32 Implementing arguments into a function. What is a static function? What is a dynamic function? Explore arguments in our functions. 1:28:02 What are default arguments? A default argument is an argument to a function that a programmer isn't required to specify. 1:32:50 What are keyword arguments in Python 3? With keyword arguments we can specify which value is supposed to go into which variable, when it goes into the function. 1:34:57 How to pass an infinite number of arguments into a function. 1:38:56 Return values from functions. 1:42:49 Conditional statements in Python. The if-else statement provides a way to evaluate if something is true or false. 1:46:19 Loops in Python starting with the for loop and then the while loop. 1:50:32 Learn how to import different modules to a Python script and an introduction to regex. 1:57:39 Building a calculator project! 2:17:04 How to share your code with us and get help with errors in the course at https://ift.tt/2D7cToV. If you need help feel free to ask us questions within the course discussion forum. If you need help with your code you can share it via Pastebin and use the Python syntax highlighting tool. Would you hire me for as little as $1 a month to make more videos like this for you? Get all of my paid courses free when you do at https://ift.tt/1LlXU2s Thank you very much for watching this free Python 3 tutorial created in 2016! Sincerely, Jerry Banfield
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/FFivxA6Db54

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