Spy on WhatsApp Using Phone Tracking Apps

The social networking platforms have grabbed the attention of teens and tweens more than the adults. The social media obsession keeps youngsters stuck to their mobile phone screens for more than eight hours a day. There are numerous social messengers that enable users to communicate with the people across the world. The unsupervised and excessive use of these communication apps can put the youngsters at risk. The physical, mental and psychological health can be negatively affected due to the inappropriate use of these apps. The more they remain online, the more they are vulnerable to bullying, child molestation, sexting, pornography, and online crimes. Parents are needed to monitor the social media use of their children to safeguard them from the vulnerabilities.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messenger which allows users to communicate with the people worldwide. The messenger lets you exchange messages, share media files, make audio and video calls and post status updates. Anyone having access to mobile phone and the internet can create an account on WhatsApp. The application demands an authentic mobile phone number to verify your account on WhatsApp Messenger. After installation, the app syncs your contacts and makes them WhatsApp friend. You can also invite the other contacts to sign up to WhatsApp Messenger.

Track WhatsApp Messenger

The popularity of the communication app has attracted many predators, bullies, sex offenders and pedophiles to use the platform to victimize the adolescents. The audio and video calling feature of the WhatsApp messenger are being used by the sex offender to lure and exploit the target. Many teenage users have become the target of cyber-bullying, child molestation, and multiple online crimes. Parents are required to protect kids’ from the vulnerabilities of the social messengers.
There are monitoring and tracking apps that allow parents to monitor the social media use of their children. The monitoring app allows viewing and recording the activities performed on the social messengers. While there are many brands, TheOneSpy is one of the trusted names that allow spying on WhatsApp messenger and many other popular instant messengers and social media apps. Read on to know more about the WhatsApp tracking app.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Tracking App

The cell phone tracking app TheOneSpy is a cross-platform app that is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile phones. The application allows distantly monitoring and managing the mobile phone activities of someone else. Once you install the spy app on the mobile phone of your target, you can monitor almost all the activities performed on that device. The app syncs the mobile phone data and uploads to an online account. The end-user of the surveillance app can log into that account to review the data fetched by the spy app.
The mobile phone surveillance software lets you monitor the social media apps and instant messengers. The high-tech application tracks popular communication apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, IMO, Viber, Skype, and many other social messengers. The end-user can track all the conversations made via these social messengers. The app also lets you access the VOIP call details of the target. The on-demand and real-time screenshots let you record almost every single activity performed on the monitored cell phone.

Track WhatsApp Messages

You can read all WhatsApp messages of your target using the spyware app. The application tracks all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages and thread conversations containing text, photos, videos, and voice recording. These messages are then uploaded to the online account of the spy software for the end-user to read these messages.
The application creates an online backup of these messages. It allows retrieving the messages deleted from the monitored cell phone. You can read the conversations instantly or accidentally removed from the target device.   

Track WhatsApp Call Logs

The cell phone tracking app lets you access the call logs of WhatsApp. You can find out from whom your target has received calls and to whom they have made calls. The WhatsApp call logs show the call time, name and phone number of the callers and recipients.

Track WhatsApp Media Files

The WhatsApp messenger allows sharing photos, videos, audios and files in different formats. The Android tracking app enables parents to monitor the media files exchanged via social messenger. It accesses and uploads the WhatsApp photos and videos to the online spy app. Parents can view and download the required media. It helps them ensure their kids do not expose to any objectionable stuff on the social media platform.

Track WhatsApp Activities

The screen recording feature of Android tracking software lets you monitor every single activity performed on the social messenger. You can send a remote command via the online control panel to take screenshots or set the app to automatically capture all WhatsApp activities.
The cell phone tracking app offers innumerable features to track the online and offline activities of someone else. To get the WhatsApp surveillance software, you can visit the official website of TheOneSpy.     

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