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Security Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Know the risks of using free public wi-fi networks. These security tips will help protect your device, as well as your identity and personal data from cybercriminals. Visit Kaspersky Lab site at https://goo.gl/y6nRMH to learn how our products can help you stay protected. People use public wifi all the time, however, there are many security dangers that lurk on public wifi networks. Data sent through public wifi networks can easily be intercepted by cybercriminals. A common danger is fake public wifi networks. These have similar sounding names to legitimate public wifi networks and are meant to trick and confuse you. Once you connect to this fake wifi network, everything you do online is monitored by cybercriminals who scan your activity for banking and social media login information. Public wifi connections can also be used to distribute malware. Cybercriminals can easily plant viruses and other malicious software onto your computer via an unsecure wifi connection, causing serious damage to your computer and jeopardizing your personal information. Luckily, there are ways to stay safe on public wifi. 1) Verify your connection 2) Avoid checking sensitive data 3) Turn off sharing 4) Use a VPN 5) Turn your Wifi Off When You’re Done Understanding public WiFi risks will ensure your important data doesn’t fall into malicious hands. Follow these tips and stay protected with a trusted internet security software in order to stay safe on public wifi.
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