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10 things you are not using in Gmail | Gmail tutorials | The Human Manual

Our expert Andrew has created a list of 10 things you are probably not using in your Gmail account as an new or average user. If you are a Power user you might find the video like a refresher. 1. Inbox views - Save time with the perfect inbox 2. Filters - Ability to have rules to move, respond and more to your conversations - 08:20 3. Label sidebar overload - have what we need, everything else hide - 13:06 4. Archive - for emails that don't need a label and for a clean inbox - 16:44 5. Search - there's more to search than you think - 22:14 6. People widget - to email, to chat, to book groups - 27:11 7. Add to Tasks - Create your own reminder from an email - 29:40 8. Keyboard shortcuts - a special one in here for Mac users - 32:16 9. Labs - Add more functionality to your Gmail mailbox - 36:47 10. Attach files to Calendar invites without using Google Drive - 43:10 Enjoy! For more Gmail tips, tricks and tutorials visit our website - http://thm.so/gmail or https://ift.tt/1sh3dwe Powered by The Human Manual
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/0o1_Jj-goPY

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