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Study shows that degree holders with I.T Skills have better chance of securing jobs even faster than those without additional I.T Skills. The reason is simple - Companies operation today is I.T driven, so often they look for employees with added I.T Skills for efficiency.

And if you are looking to own your business or want to be your own boss, I.T is the way to go now, WHY? Everything is being digitized in every split second. Interactions, Trades and Transactions are carried out digitally more than ever before.
So in this Century and beyond, more Tech services would be needed than ever before. As you already know The Fastest Growing Companies in the World are Tech Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube etc.
With over 500+ I.T Courses in various fields like Computing, Programming, Multimedia, Management, Law, Health etc, you can take any course on SIITGO portal, study at your own pace and graduate over the internet with I.T Diploma Certification. You can also order for your certificate to be shipped to your physical address if you wish. Flexible, Affordable and Effective, including Industrial Training for practical knowledge and industry experience.
The Industrial Training is a form of internship that is newly introduced to help student gain practical knowledge and industry experience as required in workplaces.
Many students have benefited greatly with a lot of Testimonies.
You can Apply Now at SIITGO, as they are offering courses on Scholarship.
From SIIT page:
"We guarantee 100% Satisfaction, Because this is our calling. 
Our Mission is to make I.T Education and Certification accessible towards career advancement."
Click Here for details:- http://siitgo.com/apply

Best Wishes for Career Advancement!

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