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Travelling with Mice - Getting Ready to Go

Getting Stuart and Matilda ready for a three day road trip to the Yukon..... Note: I am a bit behind on video making, this video was filmed three years ago..... Travelling with mice is not that difficult. The main things to watch out for it extremes in temperatures and stress. We moved during ideal weather at the end of August, not too cold and not too warm. Cold is easier to deal with, make sure the mice have a cozy bed of hamster fluff and if needed put a chemical hand warmer on top of the lid of the travel container and a towel over the container to trap in the heat, but allowing for ventilation. Usually the car will heat up and then things will be fine. Mice should not be kept much lower than room temperature. Excessive heat is more difficult to deal with but as long as things stay reasonably cool (air conditioning, an open window) in the car, it should be alright. It is best though to avoid a road trip with mice during the hottest months of the year. To deal with stress you need a travel container the mice are familiar with and feel safe in. You will also need to take a larger cage, so when you are not travelling, they can stretch their legs and get some exercise. They need to be familiar and comfortable with this cage as well. Take enough food along for the entire trip as well as water and bedding. Music by Now You See Them (It's Worth It) FreeMusicArchive copyright free
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/PmT55oqdBpI

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