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Most UseFul Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

Most Helpful And Useful Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys 1 Create a formula to sum all of the above cells 2 Current Date 3 Current Time 4 Select Entire row 5 Select Entire Column 6 Hide Row 7 Hide Column 8 new Line In Cell 9 Show hide Formula 10 Save As 11 Create Charte From Select Date 12 Insert New Worksheet 13 Move Forward Between worksheets in the same document. 14 Move back between worksheets in the same documnet. 15 Format Number in comma format 16 Format number in date format 17 Format number in currency format ($) 18 Format number in percentage format 19 Move to cell A1 20 Switch between showing Excel formula or their values in cells Learn More Excel Tips And Tricks, Advance Formula And BI Tools Visit https://ift.tt/2I8Rnlw
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/xO-IIzz_tgA

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