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How to Reset My HP to Factory Settings Windows 8 / 10

This video will show you how to reset your computer in a way that will save your files and data. It will also show you how to perform a ‘hard reset’. With a ‘hard reset’ or a factory reset you will end up loosing all your files and data. If your computer is not working and you cannot reach the desktop, have no fear! We will show you how to do these tasks without the use of your operating system. This is helpful if you have lost your password, your computer is not starting up fully, or if the option for resetting your computer cannot be found. If you find that the Function Keys mentioned in this video are incorrect for your specific model computer, you should Google your model. Sometimes they have a unique key or keys that are needed. Feel free to message us if you are stuck !! FAQs: The button that is hit at the beginning of video is F11 If F11 does not work, you may need to Google your exact model. Sometimes some models need unique key(s) that need to be pressed to access that option.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/wxHNR9QZlJ4

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