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How to Effectively Use Twitter Video for Marketing

Since Twitter only allows you to publish tweets of 280 characters only, it can be tricky to convey your marketing message. This is why uploading video tweets can be a very effective alternative. There are many reasons why a video on Twitter performs better than standard text tweets. First, a video on Twitter receives much more engagement than any other form of content. According to Twitter, tweets with videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than standard tweets. Another reason why you should be using video on Twitter is because of the limited competition. When looking through your Twitter newsfeed, you’ll notice that not many people publish videos on Twitter. Plus, by publishing videos on Twitter, you’re sure to increase your chances of getting noticed in people’s timeline, as they stand out considerably compared to standard tweets. In addition, thanks to video you can convey much more information and give detailed explanations compared to standard tweets which are limited to 280 characters. Plus, video marketing in general, increases conversions and sales considerably. In fact, it can increase conversions and sales by up to 20%. There are two ways to upload a video to Twitter, your desktop computer or your Twitter app from your phone. At this stage, your Twitter video cannot exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds and cannot exceed 512MB. In terms of the format of your video on Twitter, if you are uploading a video from your Twitter app, Twitter supports MP4 videos and MOV videos. If you are uploading a Twitter video from your desktop, Twitter supports MP4 videos. To upload a video to Twitter from your desktop, simply login to your Twitter account, and go where you would normally publish a tweet. When you click on the box, the camera icon will appear. Simply click on it and upload your video. Then, you will be allowed to edit your video for Twitter to make sure it doesn’t exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Then, make sure to add a title to your video, that does not exceed 70 characters. Then add a description which does not exceed 200 characters and add a call to action. You have the choice between two calls to action. Either “visit site” or “watch now”. Then add the link you want people to be redirected to, once they’ve clicked on your call to action. To upload a video to Twitter from your Twitter app on your phone, simply open the Twitter app, and click on the “compose tweet” tab. Then, click on the camera symbol. For Twitter to access your video recordings, you will need to first allow Twitter to access your videos in the settings section of your phone. Once you have, when you click on the camera symbol, you’ll have the option to either record a video for Twitter or to access an existing video. Once you have selected your Twitter video, you’ll have the option to edit it too. Then, simply write a caption for your video and click on “tweet”. Your caption should mainly focus on telling people why they should watch the video. That way, your caption whets people’s appetite and produces intrigue and curiosity which are critical for getting people to act. When putting together a video for Twitter, you first need to write a script to make sure your video is delivered in an articulate way and is structured in the best possible way to get people to follow your call to action. Your video script should include 4 elements. First, it should start with a big promise, to capture people’s interest. Avoid starting a video by saying who you are, it’s not necessary as you don’t have much time. Instead start with an attention grabbing statement. Alternatively, you can grab people’s attention by stating the pain they might be going through. Your script should also include a detailed description of your target audience and underline the pain they probably are going through. Your script should also include valuable content and tips. This allows you to build credibility and trust and make people keep on watching your video. Lastly, your video should end with a strong call to action. Make sure you tell people exactly where to go at the end of your video, and why they should go to where you are directing them to. Once your video on Twitter has been published, market your video tweet heavily. Don’t just rely on getting traffic to your video on Twitter from your existing Twitter followers. Instead, leverage Twitter ads to market your video on Twitter further and use other channels to promote your video, by sharing your tweet on other social networks.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/NIIP2yq9o3c

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