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How to Effectively Optimize Your FB Ads

What separates successful Facebook campaigns from unsuccessful Facebook ad campaigns is how much time and effort has been spent on Facebook optimization. You see, the work required to set up a Facebook campaign doesn’t stop once all the FB ads are running. To really maximize your chances of experiencing a return on investment, you need to do some campaign optimization after your FB ads have been running for a few days. There are many ways you can do some campaign optimization and different aspects of your FB ads you can look to improve but the key is to always optimize first based on your campaign objective. An FB ad campaign objective, is simply what you want people to do as a result of seeing your FB ad. There are currently 11 FB ad campaign objectives you can choose from with Facebook advertising. Brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales and store visits. So when you’ve reached the stage where it’s time to do some campaign optimization, always have in mind what your objective is in the first place and look at the volume and cost per volume. For example, should your objective be traffic, then always look at your Facebook campaign with traffic in mind and look at the volume of traffic you’re getting and the cost per click and ask yourself what changes you make will ensure you generate more traffic for less. When performing campaign optimization, optimize in the following order: Audiences Creative Copy Placements Demographics Let’s start by looking at optimizing audiences. When optimizing audiences, it’s important to have several ad sets for different segments of your audience to find out which audience performs best. When you create several ad sets for different segments of your Facebook targeting, it will be easy to do your Facebook optimization, because you’ll quickly see which segments perform best and which don’t. The next step when optimizing your Facebook campaigns is optimizing your creative, in other words, the visuals you use in your ads. At the ad level, look at all the creative you’ve used and see whether you’ve identified a pattern where some specific images tend to bring better results than other images. Once you’ve optimized your creative, it’s time to look at your Facebook ad copy. In other words, your headline and description. Look at each ad individually, and see whether you can identify a pattern. When you’ve identified a pattern, make the changes to your Facebook ad copy accordingly or pause the underperforming ads instead. The next step is optimizing the placements. As you may already know, with Facebook advertising, you can display ads in different places such as the Facebook newsfeed, the Instagram newsfeed, desktop computers, mobile devices, Facebook’s right column, etc… So to find out where your ads are performing the best, go to the ad set level of your Facebook campaign, click on the ad set you want to optimize and click on the graph. Then, select placements to see where your ads are performing the best. If there are clear successful Facebook campaigns, edit your FB ad set and change the placements accordingly to redirect the budget you’re spending to where it’s performing the best. Lastly, optimize your demographics. Demographics are mainly the age, gender and location. When making changes to optimize your Facebook ads, always allow 3 to 7 days to experience the difference it makes. Although FB ad campaign optimization should never stop, the first few weeks of running Facebook ads are when most of the Facebook optimization work is done. Should you have optimized as best you can and you don’t experience any significant improvements, then it’s time to troubleshoot the following: Your offer Impressions Clicks Congruence There are of course other elements you can optimize and troubleshoot to run successful Facebook campaigns but the ones mentioned here are usually big needle movers. Once you’ve optimized your campaigns and went through the troubleshooting process and made the necessary changes, remember to give your ads a few days, ideally 3 to seven days before judging and jumping to conclusions.
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