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Excel 2013 - Top 10 Keyboard shortcuts

In this video, we introduce you to our top 10 most useful keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2013. These Are: 1) To sum a column of numbers, Alt + = 2) To select the entire spreadsheet, Ctrl + A 3) To select a Column, Ctrl + Space To select a Row, Shift + Space 4) To move to the start of the spreadsheet, Ctrl + Home To move to the end of the spreadsheet, Ctrl + End 5) To hide a column, Ctrl + 0 while a cell in that column is selected To unhide a column, Alt + H - O - U - L 6) To insert the date, Ctrl + ; 7) To insert the time, Ctrl + Shift + ; 8) To view the formula in the selected cells, Ctrl + ` 9) To move to the Worksheet on the right, Ctrl + PgDn To move to the Worksheet on the left, Ctrl + PgUp 10) To enter Data into multiple cells at the same time, Ctrl + Enter That's all of our favorite 10 keyboard shortcuts in Excel 2013. Enjoy!
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/nrfkVWvGpN0

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