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Connect Cat6 cable to Jack

Simple to understand step-by-step on connecting the Cat6 (or Cat5e) cable onto the RJ-45 Ethernet jack. This is also referred to a "terminating" or "a termination". You will need a Cat6 or Cat5e modular insert (jack), Cat6 or Cat5e cable, scissors or cable stripper, and 110 punch down tool. Cat6 (category 6) cable is the latest technology in Ethernet cabling. However, it is also expensive. About 0.15 USD per foot when purchased in bulk. If money is a big consideration, you might consider cat5e. It is about 30% less expensive and does support 1gig speeds when installed properly. Link to my page where you can find tools https://ift.tt/2jxhvv7 Steps: 1. strip back cable jacks (the cable skin) 2. lay out wires on to grooves on the RJ-45 jack using the color code as a guide for the location of each wire. 3. use 110 punch tool to press wires down into the grooves while the cutting edge of the 110 blade perforates the left over wire so we can break it off and discard 4. place dust caps on top of terminated cable grooves.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/Xkbz-uywLJs

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