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11 Difference Between Nest Protect 1 And 2

1. Look at the side: 1st gen: Straight edges 2nd gen: Rounded edges 2. Nest Protect 2: The hardware has been completely redesigned to be 11 percent smaller. 3. Difference between 1st and 2nd Gen Nest Protect is the ability to Hush an alarm from within the App. 4. 2nd generation Nest Protect is sleeker, smarter and better at detecting fires. 5. Look at the backplate: 1st gen: Square 2nd gen: Round 6. The 1st gen required pushing the button on the unit to test, and physically pulling the unit off the ceiling and taking out the batteries to hush. 7. The new protect can test itself automatically. 8. The 2nd Gen Protect has a much better sensor in it, brighter LED light, and last 10yrs vs 7. 9. The new model was designed to prevent dust and insects getting inside and triggering a false positive, with a wire mesh only letting small particles into the sensor chamber. 10. Nest Protect 2: One of the main selling points is the split-spectrum sensor which is good at detecting both fast and slow moving fires.  11. With the launch of the second-gen Protect, Nest is also kicking off a program it calls "Safety Rewards" that could save you money on your home insurance premiums.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/XFGZrnovOLA

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