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What made Albert Einstein a Genius?

Einstein's brain was different than ours! Without the contributions of Albert Einstein our world would be totally different place. Some of his biggest scientific contributions includes, Brownian motion whcih helped us understand the liquids better, Photoelectric effect which gave us the solar panels, world's most famous equation E=mc^2 on which the nuclear bombs are based, & the Theory of relativity, which helped us understand the deepest mysteries of the Universe. Here's what made Albert Einstein a Genius? When scientists examined Einstein's brain deeply, they find out that Einstein's exterior brain was missing a particular wrinkle called parietal operculum. As a result of it size of his parietal lobe was increased by 20%. Parietal lobe is the are of brain responsible for one's mathematical skills & mental images. As a result his ability to imagine things differently was increased, which he used to conduct several thought experiments while working on the Theory of Relativity. On further examination of his brain, scientists discovered that there were 17% more neurons in Einstein’s brain than a normal person. Which means more synapses were being fired in his brain, giving him more brain power. So, we can say that apart from his love for science & curiosity to explore things, Albert Einstein was also “lucky” abnormally. Follow me on instagram https://ift.tt/2rD6mcE Ask your questions here https://infortion.com
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