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What is Bounce Rate? (Analytics Guide)

Bounce rate is a metric that shows you the percentage of users who visit your website but immediately leave without interacting. This is measured on a page-by-page basis. In general, a low bounce rate is indicative of a healthy website and strategy, as it shows users are finding information on your site relevant, and are engaging with your content over multiple pages. However, it is important to remember that bounce rate can be interpreted in a number of ways, and might not always be an accurate reflection of the success or failure of your campaign. There are several reasons that your bounce rate might be high. Assuming you have correctly implemented the tracking code on every page, your site navigation and design could be having an impact on your bounce rate. You should have optimised landing pages and considered the journeys you would like users to take thereafter. A single page website, for example, won’t register multiple page views unless you have configured anchors and added location.hash to your tracking code, and will therefore have users only visiting a single page, regardless of whether that page has various different sections. Bounce rate is a broad metric and can be increased by user actions you may have not considered. A few common examples are: A user bookmarking your page for later, generating a page view but no interaction. A user visiting your page but also timing out. A user visiting an external link on your page. In each these cases a user could still find your page relevant but they would still increase your bounce rate. For more information about bounce rate and how it could affect your digital strategy, refer to our blog post (https://ift.tt/2Aa1WBB) and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Check out our other useful Digital Marketing posts at: https://ift.tt/1s6OGNx https://ift.tt/1s6OHB6 https://twitter.com/koozai
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