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Voltera V-One PCB printing

This video show my Voltera V-One PCB printing a prototype of a GPS module I designed. I actually find it quite mesmerizing watching the PCB come to life. Also, I didn't put music in the video so you can enjoy the sound of the stepper motors of the V-One. https://www.voltera.io/ The GPS module is powered by an ATmega328P (Overkill for this application, I know, but I have a couple of them laying around), and uses a SIMComm SIM868 for GPS and GPRS. To save space on the PCB I am using an eSIM instead of a SIM card holder. The SIM868 module is normally powered down, and the ATMEGA328 in deep sleep. At regular intervals it wakes up, powers up the SIM868 module, gets the current location, sends it to a cloud service, and gets to sleep again. The "problematic" pad it prints at the start is actually a problem with the EAGLE PCB software, it cannot create real polygons and fakes it with loads of short lines instead. Not exactly optimal for the techniques used in the V-One! Go figure.
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/qDbFOsLjMD8

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