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Top 8 Best Powerline Network Adapters (Reviews)

Currently, the best powerline network adapter is the TP-Link AV2000. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest power line adapters. Get Discount Here: 1. TP-Link AV2000 - http://fave.co/2vxMQOD 2. TrendNet TPL-408E2K - http://fave.co/2vyfIGt 3. D-Link DHP-P701AV - http://fave.co/2w7es0E 4. Comtrend G.hn PG-9172 - http://fave.co/2vyfO0N 5. ZyXel PLA5456 - http://fave.co/2vxZcGp 6. NetGear PLP1200-100PAS - http://fave.co/2w6sgrV 7. Linksys PLEK500 - http://fave.co/2vyfTl7 8. Actiontec PWR514WB1 - http://fave.co/2w6w2l6 1. TP-Link AV2000 Being built on the HomePlug AV2 standard, the TP-Link AV2000 is compatible with kits from a vast array of manufacturers. With two gigabit Ethernet ports it is also more useful than most competing models, and it is fast enough to stream any high-bandwidth task. pass-through ac outlet colored led speed indicator beamforming technology 2. TrendNet TPL-408E2K The TrendNet TPL-408E2K can be purchased individually or as a set of two. It has a simple sync button that helps you to create a secure connection between two units and it comes pre-encrypted. In real world testing, it has achieved sustained speeds of 270Mbps. power-saving mode simple plug-and-play setup can send signals 980 linear feet 3. D-Link DHP-P701AV The D-Link DHP-P701AV has a lightweight plastic casing and is small enough that when plugged in, it doesn't block both outlets, which many other models do. Somewhat hidden on one side of the device is a pinhole labeled "security" that can be used to provide SSL encryption. integrated electrical noise-filter can operate on 16 different channels streams 4k media without lagging 4. Comtrend G.hn PG-9172 The Comtrend G.hn PG-9172 is not overly large, yet it can't be called compact either. More than likely it will block any adjacent outlets. It comes with a well-illustrated poster that clearly shows you how to set it up, and it is backward compatible with older units. universal voltage compatibility connection is very stable helpful administration web portal 5. ZyXel PLA5456 The ZyXel PLA5456 has a helpful One Connect mobile app that allows you to monitor and troubleshoot your connection from anywhere, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, and LED status indicators that are smartly placed on the front for quick visual reference. can be set up by non-techie people one of the fastest options available sticks out far from the wall 6. NetGear PLP1200-100PAS The NetGear PLP1200-100PAS has a thick and durable casing that should be able to stand up to a few bumps if you accidentally hit it with a piece of furniture. It also has a helpful "pick a plug" feature for finding the best outlets with the fastest connection speeds. no need to install software preserves long-range speeds well connection may drop at times 7. Linksys PLEK500 While the Linksys PLEK500 is capped at 500Mbps, this shouldn't really matter since most users rarely experience higher speeds than that, despite advertiser claims, and in real-world testing it reaches speeds on a par with the best of them. stable enough for gaming covers both sockets doesn't have a pass-through outlet 8. Actiontec PWR514WB1 The Actiontec PWR514WB1 has four ports on the bottom so it can simultaneously connect your gaming console, TiVo, smart TV, and still have room for one more device. It's definitely not the fastest option out there, but it is one of the most budget-friendly. extremely compact needs to be unplugged periodically don't support gigabit ethernet
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