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Share Files Between Two Computers Using WiFi (software)

https://ift.tt/2u2ScTj Here is how to share files between two computers using wifi. No need to setup Windows workgroup or samba sharings. Instead, we will use a simple app called AnySend to Transfer Files from PC to PC and PC to Mac OS. It's free, cross-platform and does n't need the Internet. How to transfer files through wifi between two laptops? [Download links] Best solution. AnySend - https://ift.tt/2cPPABA Other options ShareIT - https://ift.tt/1VXoELR Folder transfer - https://ift.tt/2lT3Igq File transfer for windows - https://ift.tt/2eLBa2Y All these methods support PC to PC file transfer software via wifi. No Internet needed. I use Audio from YouTube audio library - Break You In You can reach me here Website: https://ift.tt/1PpwdqX Facebook: https://ift.tt/1QBkx89 Instagram: https://ift.tt/2djHSzn Twitter: https://twitter.com/ReceiveTips Google plus: https://ift.tt/1pw2vev...
via Youtube at https://youtu.be/c_YWBuPTG3I

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